WWE News: Jeff Hardy Wants ‘Wrestlemania’ Match

In WWE news, Jeff Hardy revealed that he wants to headline Wrestlemania before he decides to retire from professional wrestling, according to his interview with Wooooo! Nation.

During the podcast discussion with Ric Flair, Hardy admitted that he was much closer to the end of his illustrious wrestling career, which started back in 1993, than the beginning of it.

With that in mind, he provided a bucket list of things that he wants to do before he walks away as an in-ring performer, one of which is a Hell in a Cell match that he has never done.

The most interesting on the list, however, is the fact that Jeff wants to headline Wrestlemania, something that is not on his long resume. He’s been a highlight, but never a headline.

While there was a point in time where his drug issues prevented WWE from offering him a contract, those days are in the rear view mirror for Jeff Hardy now. He is sober and clean.

It also helps Hardy that he is still one of the most popular performers in the business. World Wrestling Entertainment knows that he can be a marketing asset like he used to be.

Jeff will be a free agent in a couple of weeks since his contract with TNA is expiring. The former world heavyweight champion has not committed to remaining with the promotion.

Ric Flair [Photo by WWE]

A big part of why Jeff Hardy is keeping his options open is because he will need several months of rehabilitation after going in for another knee surgery soon.

Unless he has a change of heart while spending months with his family, Hardy is expected to make a return to the industry. World Wrestling Entertainment will definitely come calling.

Upon his return, WWE would be wise to capitalize on the momentum that Jeff will surely have and use him to elevate their top talent, many of whom desperately need new opponents.

If Jeff Hardy truly wants to headline Wrestlemania, there are only a small amount of people that he can work with, as not everyone on the roster is qualified to be in that coveted spot.

Seth Rollins is an obvious candidate, as he has risen to the top of the ranks since Hardy left WWE back in 2009. Their high flying styles would produce some tremendous spots.

The reason why World Wrestling Entertainment writes out big paychecks to Brock Lesnar is because he is one of the few people who is big enough of a draw to headline Wrestlemania.

A match between Brock and Jeff would not only generate a lot of curiosity, but it should help WWE fill up whatever gigantic arena that is going to be the host for Wrestlemania 33.

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt [Photo by WWE]

Bray Wyatt and Jeff Hardy could easily do one of the more unique stories that World Wrestling Entertainment has ever done, but management needs to make Wyatt look even stronger.

Since the company has handpicked him for years, Roman Reigns is now cemented in the main event scene. He would be another candidate for Jeff if WWE lets him main event.

Of course, there’s always Triple H. One of the spots at Wrestlemania is usually reserved for the on-screen Chief Operating Officer because he can still outperform a lot of his employees.

The only thing that might prevent Hardy from being able to headline Wrestlemania is that management might prefer that he be an upper mid-card guy like what Chris Jericho is doing.

Then again, World Wrestling Entertainment might think of Hardy in a different light than Jericho.

WWE fans might finally see Jeff Hardy close out Wrestlemania.

[Featured Photo by Impact Wrestling]