Kate Walsh Revisits Her ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ And ‘Private Practice’ Character Addison Montgomery

Kate Walsh has moved on from her days playing Addison Montgomery on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but she still recalls her character fondly, admitting that she loved everything about her. During a recent Q&A with Us Weekly, Walsh opened up about her former character and her time spent on the two drama series.

If you will recall, Addison Montgomery, a very well known neonatal surgeon, was married to Dr. Derek Shepherd when Grey’s Anatomy first kicked off in 2005. She had cheated on Derek with his best friend, Mark Sloan, leaving Derek with no other option but to leave. Shepherd then heads to Seattle, where he meets the one and only Meredith Grey, who he then starts a romantic relationship with. The drama starts, however, when the chief of surgery Richard Webber called in Addison to work for the hospital, placing Derek, Addison, and Meredith in a very awkward love triangle, which only gets worse when Sloan comes to work with the group, as well.

I mean I loved all of them so much,” Walsh said when asked what her favorite scene from Grey’s Anatomy was. “It was an awesome, huge chapter of my life… What’s great about the culture now is that there’s so much content there’s so many ways to do it so it’s thrilling, like, a whole new generation of Grey’s fans are able to sort of have access to it on the internet and watch it. And Private Practice as well. And for that I’m really grateful. But for me it was like a time in my life. I’ve kind of moved on.”

Walsh stayed as a regular on the show for two seasons before heading off to California in the spin-off series, Private Practice. Although she played the same character, she meets a whole new group of people, full of their own drama and flaws, and continued to make random appearances on Grey’s Anatomy. Walsh’s last appearance on Grey’s Anatomy came in 2012, and in 2013 for Private Practice.

It has now been two years since Kate Walsh’s final run on the dramas, leaving her with plenty of time to reflect on the experience, and her character.

“I loved everything,” Walsh said about Montgomery. “I loved how smart she was and capable and how fallible she was. It made it a really fun character to play and Shonda’s really good at that — at creating very multifaceted characters.”

“I have no idea!” Walsh continued, speculating on where Addison would be if her character were still around. “I relied on the mind of Shonda Rhimes and all the writers for so long that — who knows! She could be on her third husband, she could be still with Jake [Benjamin Pratt]. She could have, like, three more kids.”

Since her run on Shonda Rhimes’ series ended, Walsh has stayed busy in the entertainment industry. In 2013, she starred in the television series Full Circle as Trisha Campbell, then in 2014 she played Gina Hess in the series Fargo, and she played Rebecca Wright on the comedy series Bad Judge for two seasons (2014-2015) alongside Tone Bell, Ryan Hansen, John Ducey, and Miguel Sandoval. She is currently starring on the television series Everyone’s Crazy Bus Us as Meg.

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[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]