Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Say No To $2.5 Million For Baby Saint Pics

Kim Kardashian may be a social media queen, known for sharing every detail of her luxurious life on the internet, but it looks like she’s decided Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else public are not the places for photos of Baby Saint. Kim and her husband, Kanye West, aren’t ready for the newest West baby to go public and have reportedly turned down a bundle of money for pics of little Saint.

According to TMZ, Saint’s parents, Kim and Kanye, “were offered millions of dollars for the first pics of baby Saint,” but the protective parents want nothing to do with the money.

Offers for the baby pics were big, ranging between $2 million to $2.5 million, and the magazines making the offers “want more” than just baby Saint. A source told TMZ that they want pics of the “full family, including North West.”

“Candid family shots are part of the offer.”

The world is getting impatient for a look at Saint, and fans are tweeting questions about when that will finally happen.

Back in 2013, Kim and Kanye made a similar decision when they “refused to accept a ridiculous amount of money” for photos of their first baby, the now-2-year-old North. The “mammoth deals” the Wests are being offered now aren’t any more tempting than the millions they turned down for photos of North. With “a combined worth in the region of $155 million,” a mere $2.5 million probably isn’t all that tempting to the Kardashian-Wests anyway.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘set to turn down $2.5 million deal for first pictures of newborn baby son Saint’.

— ÇapaMag in English (@CapaMagENG) December 24, 2015

The Daily Mail reports that the West family were spotted on an outing with baby Saint last week, but the West baby was invisible, hidden in a baby carrier that featured a privacy screen. Fans are dying for a look at little Saint, but “Kim is yet to share even a glimpse” of the baby.

The highly anticipated Kardashian Christmas card was a letdown for those hoping it would be the opportunity for Kim to show off her new baby. The Christmas card featured the Kardashian-Jenner kids, but not the newest child in the family.

Hollywood Life reports that Kourtney Kardashian’s Christmas card for her millions of fans that did feature Saint. The whole Kardashian-Jenner family were in the “snapshot,” including “reclusive” Rob Kardashian, but it turned out to be only a “cartoon version of the full family.” Even in the cartoon, fans don’t get to see what Saint looks like. He’s pictured cradled in Kim’s arms and “wrapped in swathes of blanket.” There’s an angel crown floating above his head, “presumably in recognition of his Christian name.”

There’s lots of speculation about exactly when Kim and Kanye will make the decision to release the first photos of baby Saint. When North was born, Kris Jenner provided the perfect venue for the baby photo reveal. Kris had her own talk show, and Kim showed off the first pics of North West on grandma’s show. During the live audience taping of the show, the photo was only “flashed on the screen for a brief second,” so that no one could sneak a smartphone shot of it to post online, but when the show aired, everyone got a chance to see the photo.

Shortly after Saint was born, an excited Kris Jenner gave one clue about what the little guy looks like. Look reports that Kris told Extra that Saint is “the spitting image of his big sister North.”

“He looks like North’s twin, like a little tiny North.”

TMZ suggested that Khloe Kardashian’s new show, which is supposed to be “launching in a few weeks,” might be the place for the first pics of Saint. There’s no mention of baby photo plans for Kourtney’s show yet, though.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]