‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Christmas Brings Families Together, Drama Is Set Aside For The Holiday

It’s time for Christmas, and there is plenty of celebrating ahead on Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that families will be coming together for the big day, but there will surely be an undercurrent of tension for some throughout the holiday. What can everybody expect from the December 24 episode?

This week, as Ivy pleaded with Liam to give their relationship another chance, Wyatt overheard their conversation. Wyatt snagged Liam for some brotherly bonding time, talking about his relationship with Ivy, but Liam didn’t mention a word about Ivy’s pleas. In fact, Wyatt made a reference to possibly planning a proposal. While there is more drama to come on this front, it sounds as if everybody may set this aside for the sake of the holiday celebrations.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Thursday’s show will focus a great deal on Brooke and the families planning their Christmas gatherings. She Knows Soaps shares that the Logan, Forrester, and Spencer families will all gather together to do some caroling.

Teasers indicate that Eric will be hosting everybody at the Forrester mansion, and Soap Opera Spy notes that he will be working on convincing Brooke to join him. Brooke has been feeling a bit down about the holiday without her kids all together in one place, but when Eric checks in on her, he convinces her to join the extended family and she agrees.

Bill and Katie will be on-hand for the Christmas celebration, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Bill will make some comments on Stephanie’s portrait being up again. Steffy, Thomas, Liam, and Wyatt will all be at the gathering. Although it seems Thomas will be hesitant to join the festivities at first, someone manages to convince him to join in on the fun.

From the sounds of things, most of the drama will be set aside for the holiday, and things will surely kick back into gear in full force come Monday’s show. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central tease that things will continue to be tense between Ivy and Steffy, and Liam will continue to be stuck in the middle.

Liam has tried to brush off Ivy’s advances, but fans know that this situation isn’t over yet. It seems that Ivy’s talks with Liam will leave a lasting impact, and there may be trouble ahead for his relationship with Steffy before too long. Quinn is also going to get into the middle of this relationship situation with Wyatt, as is typical of Quinn, and it seems likely that some big relationship shifts are on the horizon.

There is also quite a bit more related to Brooke on the horizon as well. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Brooke may be the source of some new challenges in Bill and Katie’s relationship soon. Viewers can also be sure that there is a lot more drama coming soon for Caroline and Ridge as her pregnancy progresses.

Will Sasha shake up the Avant family by revealing the secret that she is Julius’ daughter? When will Thomas find out the truth about Caroline’s baby? Will Wyatt, Ivy, Liam, and Steffy all end up single again as the issues in their relationships become too burdensome?

There is no new episode of Bold and Beautiful on Friday due to the Christmas holiday, but the action kicks back into gear on Monday. Viewers can’t wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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