Beyoncé Is Shooting A Video In New Orleans! Is A New Single Coming? [Video]


Beyoncé has reportedly shut down several streets in New Orleans to shoot a video, although it’s unclear exactly what the video is for. Beyoncé fans have been freaking out about the possibility of a new single, and of course, Beyoncé isn’t saying anything.

Earlier this week, Beyoncé was spotted at the Mercedes-Benz arena in New Orleans along with Jay-Z, her bodyguard, dancers, and a camera crew. The “Single Ladies” singer was also spotted at an area restaurant with Jay-Z, although this is nothing unusual, since Beyoncé has a house in New Orleans and her sister, Solange, lives there as well.

Beyoncé is notoriously quiet about her personal life and her projects, so of course there’s no word on why she was filming on the 40-yard line in the middle of the football stadium, but rumor has it Beyoncé was able to get the city to shut down streets surrounding the stadium, as well as the traffic cameras. Fans immediately blew up Twitter with the news that Beyoncé is powerful enough to not just get the city to shut off street cameras, but to take over the Dome, as well.

An onlooker was able to capture a couple snaps of the scene, which were shared over social media, sparking a Twitter fest of Beyoncé fans as they speculated about what the celebrity is up to now. In the images, Beyoncé and her posse are hard at work in the center of the football field, surrounded by a film crew, while the singer’s SUV is parked nearby.

Whatever the video is for, there will be dancers, as there were several working hard at the Mercedes-Benz stadium and they were spotted at restaurants all over town. Fans are hoping it’s a sign of a new Beyoncé single, and are speculating that the “Drunk In Love” singer might drop a new album on her mother’s birthday. Tina Knowles has a birthday coming up January 4.

Some fans are speculating that the video is a collaboration between Beyoncé and Jay-Z, since both Mr. and Mrs. Carter were filming. Fans have been fervently hoping for years for a collaboration album between two of the most talented artists out there, and this video shoot might just give the Bey-hive hope.

Meanwhile, any rumors that Beyoncé will create a single with Adele were shut down by none other than Adele herself. In an interview with Time magazine, Adele admitted that “[w]hoever started that rumor must have been having a laugh because anyone who knows me knows that my main priority in life outside of my child is Beyoncé.” Which is unfortunate, since a collaboration between the two music powerhouses would be epic!