December 24, 2015
'Deadpool' TV Spot Released With SNL Actor T.J. Miller Wanting To 'Bring Back Short Shorts'

Marvel's Deadpool is all about the funny and with Ryan Reynolds and SNL and Slim Jim commercial actor T.J. Miller, it looks like they make a good comedy duo. Reynold's has been promoting his new movie with the "12 Days of Deadpool" until the release of an all new movie trailer on Christmas Day. Marvel fans can get daily morsels of Christmas treats until it's revealed, according to Slash Film.

For 11 years, Reynolds has been attempting to get a Deadpool movie made and now it's coming out next year, according to Business Insider. That's one great New Year's resolution for 2016. Earlier this year, Ryan had announced the Marvel movie was a go and said it was all in due part to the fans.
"One year ago to almost today, some a**hole in here leaked that footage, and that's why we're standing here."
The Deadpool leaked footage was likely the animated short featuring his character taking out baddies in a suburban and a motorcycle all the while making wise cracks. That clip did have a stunning similarity the scene shown in the red band trailer. It was quite hysterical to most and now Deadpool fans can rejoice in it becoming a reality come February. Reynolds and director Tim Miller were just as elated.
"Tim Miller [the director] and I just sat back there [pointing to backstage] and just shook our heads, in kind of awe, just thinking, 'How did we get here?'"You guys, the internet, fans, you guys made the studio do this. You bent their arms behind their backs, twisted their frigging necks, and here we are."
The Deadpool movie clip being shown is promoting NBA basketball with actor T.J. Miller in the middle of decorating a Christmas tree and Deadpool reading his own version of "T'was The Night Before Christmas." Of course, Miller cuts in to reference an old 1980s Nair "Short Shorts" commercial. Some fans may be too young to remember that commercial, but it's likely Reynolds and Miller do.

With that said, the Deadpool movie seems to mirror the character in the comic book in breaking the fourth wall. If one takes notice, Weasel, the character played by Miller cuts in with his "Short Shorts" reference while the Merc with the Mouth keeps on talking, not even acknowledging what was said. In the comics, Deadpool is making dialogue with only the audience just like in this NBA TV promo as was pointed out in Deadline Hollywood.

Speaking of commercials, actor T.J. Miller is well known for his Slim Jim commercials and even cites via Uproxx that he seems to find making funny commercials more enjoyable than being on SNL.

"I'd much rather do this than be on Saturday Night Live. This is kind of what you're always looking for on SNL, a character you can sort of plug and play and use endlessly. We found it, but in a Slim Jim commercial, weirdly."
Miller already appeared in the red band version of the original trailer making continual insults directed at Wade William's face. So fans of the SNL comedian can already see a demonstration of his comedic performance in the Marvel movie.
It doesn't stop there, in the Deadpool movie TV promo is Colossus. Being sought after for the role currently is Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic. As seen in the original trailer and in this promo is his ability to change his skin to an impervious shell with super strength capabilities, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Deadpool is directed by Tim Miller with other actors including Gotham's Morena Baccarin as Copycat, Gina Carano as Angel Dust, and Ed Skrein as Ajax. T.J. Miller will be playing Wade Williams' tech buddy Weasel. The movie opens in theaters comes Feb. 12, 2016.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment]