Chinese Food Customer Alleges She Was Thrown Through Glass Door For Extra Sauce Request

I don’t know where Tiawanda Shears is buying her Chinese food, because I always get 50 soy sauces and 30 duck sauces with a single order of fried wontons — but the Chicago woman is suing a Chinese restaurant after an alleged “sauce rage” incident.

Actually, I do know — China Wok, on Garfield Boulevard. Shears was visiting the establishment — full name New China Wok Limited — for the first time on May 14th. And, we suspect, she is unlikely to return and partake of their combination platters after a less than desirable first experience.

Shears, who sued New China Wok Limited owner Hui Tian Wu in Cook County Court, faced a situation many of us have faced before when ordering takeout — only one packet of sauce was included with her entire order of takeout. While one packed of sauce might be enough for a single egg roll, it’s certainly not going to suffice for a few dishes.

It was then that Shears “politely” requested additional sauce packets, according to Courthouse News Service. And then… chaos broke out. According to the blog, Wu became enraged at the request, and the site quotes a complaint filed by Shears:

“Plaintiff’s request for more sauce packets caused Wu to become enraged and he came from behind the pick-up counter and attacked plaintiff Shears…”

chinese food fight

“…(A)s defendant Wu continued to attacked plaintiff Shears, he pushed her outside the defendant New China premise through the glass front door and then violently threw her through the glass front door, causing the glass door to shatter and plaintiff Shears to severely injure her leg,” Shears says.

The site says that after the Chinese food “sauce rage” incident, Shears sued for “battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”