Kris Jenner Won’t Have Huge Christmas Eve Bash Due To Security Fears

Kris Jenner is known for having a huge Christmas Eve bash every single year, but this year things will not go as planned. It turns out that Kris is actually scared for her family, and so she is not going to invite nearly as many people this year. Radar Online shared the details of how Kris Jenner is changing up her party this year. At her Hidden Hills mansion this week, Kris had a bit of a security scare. A stalker was able to break into her home while baby Saint West was even in the house.

Radar Online shared the details of this scary break-in at Jenner’s house, where luckily nobody was hurt. A man carrying a backpack came up to the house and told the security guards that he had a big meeting with Kris Jenner. For some reason, they let the man into the home, which is pretty scary for Kris. She just feels like she doesn’t want to take the chance of having a ton of people at her house on Christmas Eve like she normally does. Here is what the source had to say about Kris changing her plans.

“Kris is legitimately worried for her family’s safety right now. She has been kind of paranoid lately and is taking every precaution to ensure that they will all be okay.”

Now that doesn’t mean that Kris Jenner will be totally canceling her big party for this year. Kris will still have it, but only close friends and family will be coming. Kris will not be letting as many people into her home as she usually does and that is just to keep everyone safe. It turns out that some of Kris Jenner’s inner circle wanted her to cancel the entire party, but Kris decided against it. Here is what a source revealed about the party.

“Kris really wants to keep it to her immediate family, friends, glam squad, PR team, and, of course, network executives. She has invited fewer than 200 people this year.”

For most people, less than 20o people would be a pretty big party still, but for Kris Jenner that means that she is really inviting a lot less people than usual. Kris did invite Caitlyn Jenner, and word is that she should be there to hang out with the entire family. Rob Kardashian was also invited of course, but he won’t be showing up. Actually it sounds like this is the last place that Rob would want to be. Hopefully he spends some time with the family this holiday season.


Right now Rob Kardashian is still avoiding being photographed or anything. Rumors had been flying that Rob was refusing to do the family Christmas card, and of course his mom Kris Jenner wanted him in it. E! Online shared that instead of doing a big family card, they changed it up this year. The card is of Kris Jenner’s grandchildren instead and features Reign, Mason, Penelope, and North. A source close to the family shared why they chose to do it this way instead.

“This year, especially the last couple months, was so hectic that it was hard to arrange a full family shoot. Showing the kids alone seemed like the perfect thing to do.”

Are you surprised to hear that Kris Jenner has decided to cut down the guest list to her big party? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Cosmopolitan]