‘Stalked By My Doctor’: Lifetime’s Thriller Movie Stars Eric Roberts And Brianna Joy Chomer — There’s A Similar True Story

Stalked By My Doctor is a thrilling new movie, starring Eric Roberts, that will play out on Lifetime Television this weekend. It is most likely inspired by a true story or a combination of several stories. Lifetime has been debuting a new movie every weekend leading up to Christmas day. Stalked By My Doctor is a captivating thriller about a doctor who is accused of stalking one of his teen patients. In the end, one must decide if the victim is just fantasizing, or if the events really happened. The 2015 Lifetime movie is directed and written by Doug Campbell and is executive produced by Timothy Johnson. The cast stars Eric Roberts as Doctor Grey, Brianna Joy Chomer as Sophie Green, and Deborah Zoe as Adrienne Green, according to IMDB.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

Eric Roberts, also known as Eric Roberts Jr., is simply fascinating in this new flick. Lifetime viewers have grown familiar with his brilliant portrayals of handsome but deranged bad men. In Stalked By My Doctor, he gives you no less. Expect to have this movie keep you on the edge of your seats.

One key true story that may have been the inspiration for the Lifetime movie Stalked By My Doctor was the case of Nishan Fernando, a heart surgeon who was accused of stalking a young woman who worked at the same hospital. The case happened in the United Kingdom in 2012. STV News reports that the woman, identified as 22-year-old Shonagh Cunningham, indicated that she went through three months of pure emotional hell with the doctor who had supposedly become obsessed with her. Cunningham told the courts that she kept a diary detailing all of the stalking incidences with Dr. Fernando, which included him showing up at different locations that she frequented, such as a local club and at a shopping center. During those encounters, he would allegedly stare at her, making her feel completely uncomfortable. Many times she wondered how he supposedly knew where she’d be.

According to Shonagh Cunningham, they engaged in a brief affair that soured. But even after the “intimate encounter” ended, she still felt as though Dr. Nishan Fernando had control of her mind and often made her feel low in self-esteem. Doctor Fernando denied all of the accusations and believed that the woman had “fantasized” the entire event. The courts agreed. In 2014, Dr. Fernando was cleared, according to the Press and Journal.

As for the part of the story about a doctor who sexually molested his patients during exams, this could have literally been inspired by many doctors, since there is a long list of bad docs who have been arrested and convicted for this very behavior. In past cases, it has been rumored that various doctors in other countries had engaged in insurance fraud by using the dead bodies of former patients to stage fake car accidents, according to International Business Times.

Here is a brief synopsis of Lifetime’s Stalked By My Doctor, as described by Johnson Production Group.

“When Dr. Beck operates on Sophie, a strange obsession overcomes him. When Sophie leaves the hospital, she reaches out to Ryan, who blames himself for the accident. Realizing he can no longer play soccer, Ryan has fallen into depression, spurning Sophie. Hurt, Sophie confides in Dr. Beck. Seeing his chance, Dr. Beck openly flirts with Sophie — but she recoils. Meanwhile, Ryan breaks free from his depression.

“In a sophomoric expression of love, Ryan offers Sophie a promise ring. She is elated! Realizing he can’t make the boyfriend disappear, Dr. Beck decides to make Sophie disappear. Using his medical resources, Dr. Beck fakes Sophie’s death and kidnaps her. He begs Sophie to love him willingly, but she lashes out, expressing her hatred. Believing their daughter is dead, Sophie’s parents blame each other and their relationship tears itself apart. Ryan is crushed, but clues surface that make Ryan suspect Dr. Beck.”

Lifetime’s Stalked By My Doctor is produced by Johnson Production Group and Shadowland. Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday, December 24 at 8 p.m., on Lifetime.

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