New Kesha Tattoo Causes A Stir With Provocative Phrase

Kesha has always been known to have a little bit of a spirited image, but it is the recent reveal of her latest tattoo that has her critics complaining about the lippy singer.

The 25 year-old songstress took to Instagram after her most recent tattoo session in a Los Angeles parlor where she had the artist inscribe the provocative phrase “SUCK IT!” in black ink on the inside of her bottom lip. When the tattoo was completed she posted her newest addition on the popular photo sharing site Instagram with the caption “new tatt!!!”

According to the Daily Mail, Ke$ha said last year how she would like her fan base to view her as a role model and look past the party girl thing, and view her as someone who is just being herself, saying:

“People gravitate towards the party girl thing but in my expression of myself, from the way I dress to how I speak and act, I am trying to show that I want people to feel they can be themselves.”

“I grew up in Nashville, which is very religious and conservative and not at all open-minded,” adding

“I want to encourage kids to be themselves, feel free to express themselves and have their eccentricities encouraged.”

Do you think Kesha’s lip tattoo with the phrase “Suck It!” is an inappropriate action when she says she wants to be viewed as role-model to young girls across the world? Or should she be allowed to do as she pleases without having to worry about who she might offend?