‘Scream Queens’: What Will Season 2 Tell Us About Season 1?

Scream Queens ended its first season in a way that fans were left with some unanswered questions. This is all the more frustrating, because series co-creator Ryan Murphy has said on more than one occasion that each season will tell a different story with only four cast members returning in the following year. This leaves many hoping that they will get a sense of closure with those surviving characters as season 2 picks up.

Chanel’s fate must be addressed in Season 2 of Scream Queens

Scream Queens, Chanel Oberlin, Emma Roberts
Will 'Scream Queens' reveal Chanel's fate? Image via FOX.

Let’s face it. Many, if not most, of the nail biting, edge-of-our-seat anticipation stems from the Red Devil attack on Chanel Oberlin. This couldn’t be truer for those of us tuning in for Emma Roberts. Certainly, Ms. Roberts isn’t the only reason we watch, but she is in the top 5. Right?

So, what became of the wonderfully ethically challenged Chanel? First of all, we want to know who was in that costume. Who would dare dress up as the Red Devil and attack Chanel?

More importantly, did the attack kill off Roberts’ character, or merely leave her maimed and gasping for help? If the latter is true, might the attack have left her angry and bitter (more so than usual), causing her to become season 2’s new villain? Just a thought.

It seems unfathomable that Scream Queens would cut out one of its biggest star attractions, but on the other hand, this wouldn’t be the first time Ryan Murphy has deprived us of a beloved character.

American Horror Story fans may now take a moment of silence for Twisty the Clown.

Either way, Scream Queens will need to answer these questions if the show’s creators expect to keep drawing in impressive numbers in next season’s ratings game.

More unanswered Scream Queens mysteries for Ryan Murphy to answer

Dean Cathy Munsch, Wes Gardner, Scream Queens
Are Dean Cathy Munsch and Wes Gardner still an item? Image via FOX.

Topping the list of unresolved issues that has left Scream Queens fans equally perplexed is the subplot romance between Dean Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Wes Gardner, played by Oliver Hudson. While this may not be vital to the Red Devil story in a grander sense, fans want to know what happened. Are there wedding bells for Wes and Cathy?

What of Chanel #3 Sadie Swenson, played to mind-numbing perfection by Billie Lourd. The poor girl has been convinced that she’s had a psychotic break and now suffers from a split personality disorder, thanks in no small part to Hester. Lea Michele’s devious character went to great lengths in season 1 to convince Chanel #3 that at least one of those personalities is that of Dirty Helen. One would hope that Ryan Murphy would take time to explore Sadie Swenson’s fate, considering how her story was ultimately left.

There are more subplots left hanging that fans may be hoping to see resolved when season 2 commences, but it may be a pipe dream to expect Ryan Murphy to come back to something he most probably considers a finished story. As the Scream Queens co-creator has said on several occasions, each season will be a whole new story and take place in an entirely new setting. The different seasons will only share a common thread through the few characters — no more than four — who happen to survive from one season to the next.

There may be some hope to be had in the idea that the surviving characters may bring with them a sense of closure by way of flashbacks and memories. In that way, we may learn the fates of those we lost in Scream Queens‘ first season.

While it’s too early to expect a release date for season 2 of Scream Queens, the freshman year of the series premiered in September.

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