WWE News: Brock Lesnar ‘A Lock’ For ‘Royal Rumble,’ Nearly Put In WWE Title Mix At ‘WWE TLC’

The ratings are slightly improving for WWE Raw without their residential beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. After Hell in a Cell, he took a planned hiatus away from the WWE. Since his feud with the Undertaker ended, there was no real reason for him to stick around. WWE officials don’t want to lose the dates Lesnar is scheduled for right away. They could’ve gotten into dangerous territory if that happened. Booking Brock Lesnar isn’t cheap.

He’s one of the most expensive WWE superstars because of his star power and emphasis on WWE programming. With all of the injuries, WWE was in a precarious situation. They could’ve brought back Lesnar full-time and inserted him into a big storyline. Remember, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and Daniel Bryan are hurt and John Cena was away.

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Sheamus was a horrific WWE World Heavyweight champion, and it’s now Roman Reigns’ job to keep the WWE Universe interested in the product. Bringing Lesnar back could have ruined his star power and his mystique as a part-time wrestler. That’s the best part about Lesnar.

Just like if Sting would’ve came around full-time, that special feel to his dates would’ve lost its luster. Since the Royal Rumble is right around the corner, it’s about that time to bring back the Beast. According to a recent report by Daily Wrestling News, Brock Lesnar’s return at the Royal Rumble is nearly a lock and he almost came back at WWE TLC.

“WWE officials talked about bringing Brock Lesnar in for last Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view but that obviously didn’t happen. The idea would have been to set up a feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Title but some of the upcoming plans for both Lesnar and the title still aren’t settled on.

“Lesnar’s name always comes up when ratings are low because writers and Vince know the company has Lesnar in their back pocket. However, Lesnar still only has a select number of dates and they have to pay him extra if they book him beyond those dates. There’s been some back and forth on his WWE TV return lately but most believe he’s a lock for the Royal Rumble in January.”

This time of year, it’s always a question when the dynamic duo of Lesnar and Heyman return. Bleacher Reportcame up with the best booking options for Lesnar when he returns for his WrestleMania feud. The article believes that Lesnar should win the Royal Rumble and challenge the champion at WrestleMania 32.

“The best bet is for Lesnar to appear as a force of nature. He should do what he does best: destroy everything in his path, leave abruptly and then return when we least expect it,” said Bleacher Report writer Sebastian Maldonado.

That’s a great idea, but that should’ve been the plan for Roman Reigns. After watching WWE Raw this past Monday night, perhaps that wasn’t the idea WWE officials had in mind.

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When booking Brock Lesnar’s WWE return, like Maldonado said, he has to return and destroy everything. Quite like how he was suspended by Stephanie McMahon after WrestleMania, Lesnar needs to return to that form. A rematch with Reigns isn’t wise. Honestly, putting Kevin Owens with Lesnar is the best way to go. In one night, Owens can go from upper-mid-card guy to a main event man in WWE.

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