5SOS Ashton Irwin Address Posted Online: Bassist Shares Angry Message

There is more drama for the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. Just days after Luke Hemmings’ intimate photos and text messages were leaked for the world to see, drummer Ashton Irwin’s address was posted online. Yikes!

Understandably enough, Ashton Irwin is fuming mad to know that his family’s personal home address has been posted on the internet. The 5SOS drummer has says the breach of privacy has threatened his family’s safety. Irwin returned to his homeland on Tuesday, December 22, to celebrate Christmas with his family and loved ones. But things took a dark turn on Wednesday morning when the musician revealed on his Facebook and Google+ profiles that an anonymous person posted his mother’s home address on the internet.

In his angry-filled message, Ashton asked his fans to give him some privacy during the holiday season and to not share this sensitive information.

“If you have my address please delete it. It’s my time to be with my family. I love you guys, but I need to be away from people for a while. Thanks to the a**hole who posted my mums (sic) address threatening the lives of my family just by doing so. Really, you are one of the lowest human beings I have ever met. Hope you’re happy.”

Ashton Irwin’s post has since been removed from his Facebook page. It appears that the bassist sort of had a meltdown because he was seen ranting to the paparazzi shortly after his online rant. According to Oh No They Didn’t! and various 5SOS fan accounts, Irwin asked the paparazzi to stay away from him and his family during the holiday season. Shortly after his confrontation with the paps, he allegedly threw a fan’s phone into the street.

Check out the photos and videos for yourself below.

Yeah he’s just “fixing his hair” just after her hit her phone onto the road pic.twitter.com/Hcg0c9fbc6

— Da-Biebz (@JaydenSeyfarth) December 23, 2015

When @Ashton5SOS wrestles with a girl and grabs her phone and chucks it on the road lol! pic.twitter.com/PBeYm4P9y1

— Da-Biebz(@JaydenSeyfarth) December 23, 2015

Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer showed their support for Ashton Irwin following his message. On Twitter, the hashtag #WeLoveYouAshton quickly trended both worldwide and in the United States.

One fan wrote: “I don’t get why someone would want to leak Ashton’s mum address? It’s an invasion of their privacy and it’s not cool at all.”

Another fan added: “What happened to this fandom, honestly? Constant gf drama, fighting w/other fandoms, and now leaking ashton’s home address? Grow up.”

The band is looking to some much needed time off after a busy year which included headlining their first world tour. It seems like the band can’t escape the drama, even when they’re at home.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Luke Hemmings’ private photos and text messages with his rumored girlfriend, Arzaylea, leaked online. Fans were quick to accuse Hemmings’ alleged girlfriend of leaking the very personal information. Arzaylea herself has since spoken out about the photo leak, and said that cyber-bullying can lead to a person getting killed. The girl also made her Instagram and Twitter accounts private, but only for a brief period of time.

Ashton Irwin
Ashton Irwin has a message for the troll who posted his home address online. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Fans have accused Luke’s girlfriend of not being faithful to her previous boyfriends, and they believe she will do the same to him. They also feel that she should respect her relationship with Luke, much like Ashton Irwin’s girlfriend, Bryana Holly.

The guys of 5 Seconds of Summer have stated in interviews that they’re single, but it’s obvious that they want to keep their personal lives and relationships hidden from the rest of the world. But Hemmings has been linked to Arzaylea ever since she posted a photo of them kissing last month. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask their fans and their significant others to respect their privacy. That respect should already be there, but not everyone always understands that.

What are your thoughts on Ashton Irwin’s addressed being posted online? Do you think it’s fair for fans to leak their personal information? Or, do you think it comes with the territory of being in the spotlight? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]