Gee tell us something we didn’t know

I caught this one via Allen Stern’s post at CenterNetworks, but did you know that 35% of teens admit to cheating using their cell phones and that 23% don’t consider it cheating. This comes to us courtesy of a new report just posted to Common Sense Media (pdf).

Yes folks our kids are using those fancy cell phones they have emotionally blackmailed us into getting them for cheating at school. Whether it be as simple as storing notes to be used during tests to using the Internet as part of their cheating it is all happening under the watchful eye of teachers. Did we really think that our little darlings would do otherwise?

Here’s a few more findings from the study to cheer you up

  • Nearly two-thirds of students with cell phones use them during school, regardless of school policies against it.
  • Teens with cell phones send 440 text messages a week and 110 a week while in the classroom.
  • 76% of parents say that cell phone cheating happens at their teens’ schools, but only 3% believe their own teen has ever used a cell phone to cheat.
  • 45% of teens say that texting friends about answers during tests is a serious cheating offense, while 20% say it’s not cheating at all.

So much for actually learning anything eh.