August 24, 2017
New 'Batman V Superman' Trailer From Japan Features More Unseen Footage

Another Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has hit the internet, this time from Japan. A German Batman v Superman trailer was released just a few days earlier. There are three months to go before the film arrives in theaters, and hopefully all these new trailers, and further trailers likely to come, don't reveal too much about the highly-anticipated, long-awaited on-screen battle.

So far Warner Bros. and DC have given fans a good idea of the plot. If one were to piece together the footage that the current crop of trailers has shown, you could make a guess that Batman isn't too fond of the public admiration for Superman. The fame gets to Superman's head, perhaps through the tinkering of Lex Luthor. Batman then goes out of his way to take Superman down, but an even bigger enemy shows up which forces the two to band together. And Wonder Woman jumps on the scene to help the newly united duo become a trio.

As Cosmic Book News reports, what hasn't been revealed is how Aquaman, Cyborg and the other Justice League members play into this. This is the movie that's supposed to launch the Justice League series of films, hence the Dawn of Justice appendage to the title. Will they also come out to help take down Doomsday?

Though seeing Doomsday show up in the trailer is a self-made spoiler, production staff may have revealed there is more in store. But the source of the interview revealing bigger villains appearing after Doomsday has been called into question, as Cinema Blend reported.

Doomsday may or may not be the final villain the team has to face. But how can this be? Superman fights Batman, and then they form a trio with Wonder Woman to fight Doomsday, and that's not even the end of it? Either this is a really complex film, or the writers have a lot of compressed comic book movie trickery waiting for moviegoers, and the trailer is playing coy. Doomsday gives Superman quite a lot of trouble in the comics. If the team defeats him and have yet another, more formidable adversary to face, then perhaps Doomsday isn't his old comic book self. Or maybe some other situation arises to distract Doomsday's attention and carry him off. Or perhaps the bigger adversary that is rumored makes short work of Doomsday before confronting Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, forcing Aquaman, Cyborg and whatever other Justice League member embedded in this film into action. Who knows?

But editors are likely still juggling footage back and forth, trying to give fans a cut of movie that will cure geeky superhero angst. Warner Bros. and DC are going to have to prove they are serious about the whole Justice League thing. They are going up against a serious Marvel contender with Captain America: Civil War. In that movie, the Avengers fall apart. In this movie, the Justice League comes together. But the real fight is between the Justice League and the Avengers, DC and Marvel Comics' respective franchise superhero conglomerates.

What is certain from the trailers is the different visual style. Zack Snyder and company are going for a very different look than the Marvel films. He's giving the DC superheroes the godlike sheen to differentiate them from any particular Avenger, save for Thor. And the journey looks more dramatic for the DC heroes. It seems a more epic level of storytelling is unfolding, rather than the more action adventure style that epitomized the last Captain America film.

The latest new Batman v Superman trailer has got just a little more footage than the last, but maybe it's a little too much. How much more is DC giving away in the three remaining months before the release?

[Image via Warner Entertainment Japan]