Find The Panda Hidden Among The Snowmen — Online Puzzle Driving People Insane

There are often those little puzzles and creative things on the Internet that end up consuming a lot more of your time than they actually should. It could be a word puzzle or the “What color is the dress?” phenomenon that took the world by storm earlier this year. Now, it’s something a bit simpler and more festive as people are going mad over the puzzle asking you to find the panda hidden among the snowmen.

Just about a week ago, a webcomic artist who goes by Dudolf shared a photo on his Facebook page to present the puzzle to all followers.

The premise behind the puzzle is quite simple. Dudolf captioned the photo with “There’s a panda amongst them! Can you find it?”

Since the image was first posted, it has now been shared almost 130,000 times and liked over 63,000 times as of Tuesday evening. People are making a real go at trying to find the panda, but they’re turning it into an even bigger game by adding new challenges to it.

The “Panda hidden among the snowmen” puzzle is being shared by people on social media, and it’s challenging those that see it to find the bear in the shortest amount of time. It’s all in good fun, but there are many who have gotten extremely frustrated with the little seek-and-find.

Comments on Dudolf’s original post are showing a lot of appreciation while others are bringing forth annoyance.

“Been looking for 15 mins and still can’t find it lol”

The Dudolf is actually Hungarian illustrator Gergely Dudas, and as Fox 59 reported, he’s brought forth the latest Internet craze. Sure, it may not last forever, but for now, a lot of focus is on one of his pieces of work — and it’s bringing him a lot of attention.

For those that are getting frustrated by the panda and the snowmen puzzle, there is some advice being offered by many online.

  • What is the one thing the panda doesn’t have in common with the snowmen?
  • Check out the noses
  • Look for the lone “snowman” that doesn’t have a carrot nose
  • Keep your eyes focused and don’t relax them so much that they go cross

After the success of the panda hidden in the snowmen puzzle comic, Dudolf doesn’t want to let down any of the newcomers that follow him now. Just four days after the release of the panda and snowmen puzzle, he unveiled a new one for the world to enjoy.

For this puzzle Dudolf captioned, “A cat is hiding amongst these owls! Can you spot it?”

This one seems a bit more difficult and may cause you to pull a few more hairs out of your head than the panda and snowmen puzzle did.

For now, the world is caught up in the craze of the panda and snowmen, especially at this time of year with Christmas in full force. The artist spoke with the Independent about the attention that his drawing is getting, and he says he’s shocked by it all.

“The popularity of the ‘panda’ picture amazed me, I still can’t believe it, but it makes me really happy! Glad to see how people like something I made.”

Much like the dress that was black and blue (or was it white and gold?), the panda hidden among the snowmen has just taken over the internet by storm. The attention and popularity will fade in time, but the good thing is that more great attention-getters like this can come from Dudolf and entertain everyone again for a while.

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]