Brooke McCarter Dies: ‘The Lost Boys’ Actor Was 52

Brooke McCarter, who appeared in the 1987 film The Lost Boys, died on Tuesday at the age of 52. According to reports, the actor was suffering from a long-term illness — which was caused by a genetic liver condition.

A native of philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brooke McCarter was born into a family of entertainers. IMDB reports his father was a talented drummer and his grandfather was an acclaimed Vaudeville actor.

Drawing from the talents of his father and grandfather, Brooke was a skilled musician with a keen interest in the entertainment industry. During his teen years, he was specifically interested in becoming a model.

At the age of 14, McCarter entered and won a modeling contest with the New Faces modeling agency. However, his dreams of becoming a professional model and actor were temporarily pushed aside — as he was also an accomplished athlete.

During high school, Brooke excelled at racquetball — which earned him a scholarship to Ohio State University. Although he attended college for a short period of time and majored in communications, McCarter eventually dropped out to pursue an acting career.

After leaving college, Brooke McCarter moved to New York to study acting. As he proved to be a natural, he was cast in his first feature film, Thrashin’, within months of his arrival.

Although he made his big screen debut in 1986, McCarter got his big break with a role in the 1987 comedy horror film The Lost Boys.

Appearing alongside several big name actors, including Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Jason Patrick, and Kiefer Sutherland, Brooke played a teenage boy turned vampire. In a 2010 interview with Collider, Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman discussed a scene — which was particularly difficult for McCarter.

According to Feldman, the young actors simply was not the monster he was trying to portray, Therefore, it was difficult for him to get into character.

“He was a very soft, very gentle, hippie-type dude. He wasn’t really the bravado guy, and Joel [Schumacher] needed a much bigger reaction to show that we were really in fear for our lives… so Joel tried to instigate him to get him more angry, and it worked.”

Although he struggled with playing a “bad boy,” the actor said he and “the cast and crew got along well.” In an interview with The SOP, he said the friendship he built with Corey Haim eventually led to a business proposition.

Following their appearance in The Lost Boys, Brooke managed Haim’s career for several years. The two men also went on to appear together in the 1987 film Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color: Double Switch.

Brooke McCarter went on to appear in a few films between 1989 and an 2011. However, he later focused on composing and producing music. In addition to composing and performing three songs for the soundtrack for Corey Haim’s film Fast Getaway, he also assisted in the production of the soundtrack for a documentary film title America the Violent.

In the 2000s, Brooke produced an directed several documentaries and documentary shorts, including Leaves of Green and Me, Myself, and I. He also hosted several programs on his YouTube channel.

Throughout his career, McCarter also appeared in numerous commercials for popular products, including Clairol, Doritos, Levis, Nike, and Pepsi.

As reported by TMZ, Brooke McCarter specifically enjoyed appearing at horror movie conventions — where he had a chance to meet fans of The Lost Boys from around the world.

Although he suffered from a long-term illness related to a liver condition, Brooke McCarter’s life was cut far too short.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]