Lois Pearson, Jeff Maxwell: ‘Your Worst Nightmare’ Presents Corsicana, Sex Torture Case Of 63-Year-Old Virgin On Investigation Discovery

Lois Pearson, the Texas woman who lived through a terrifying kidnapping and torture chamber, will have her case presented on this week’s TV show, entitled Your Worst Nightmare. Investigation Discovery’s 1-hour crime show tells the harrowing tales of people who faced their worst fears. Some lived to tell it, like Lois Pearson, and others are savagely murdered. In an earlier article, the Inquisitr brought you the story of Chanin Starbuck, a woman who was stalked and murdered by her ex-husband. This week, #idaddicts will listen to Lois Pearson’s story through interviews with law enforcement investigators, and others who will give their insights on the case. Jeffrey Maxwell was sentenced to life in prison for beating, raping, and holding Lois Pearson hostage in his house of horrors. Today, the Texas Department of Corrections shows that Jeff Maxwell is serving out a life sentence for his brutal crime, according to CBS News.

ID’s Your Worst Nightmare will explain how Lois Pearson first made headlines in 2011 when she went missing after a suspicious fire broke out in her home. Investigators at the scene could find no human remains as they sifted through the damage at the property. Not finding Lois Pearson’s body amid the rubbish, left detectives wondering what happened to her. They spoke with neighbors, who had remembered seeing a man in a blue truck at her home, and they also tried to find information through her bank accounts. Somehow, they knew that the fire was definitely connected to her disappearance.

Lois Pearson was a good woman — a Christian woman who was still a virgin at the age of 63. By choice, she wanted to keep her pristine nature, so that she might find a “special place in heaven” someday. Without ever being married, or giving birth to children, Pearson was content with her simple life in Texas, only leaving her home to go to the store and to church. One of her neighbors was persistent. Jeffrey Maxwell wanted Lois. He knew that she wasn’t interested in dating him, but he was determined to have her. After rejecting him, Lois thought that Jeff had moved away until he showed up to her home one day just to talk. In reality, he wanted more than just friendly conversation, he wanted sex that day — and was determined to get it. According to D-Magazine, Lois said the look in his eyes changed, then he sprayed her in the face with pepper spray, hit her over the head with a rolling pin from the kitchen, and then dragged her to his car.

On Wednesday’s Your Worst Nightmare, Lois Pearson will explain that she did everything she could to get out of the car. But before long she found herself inside of his home, where Jeffrey Maxwell hung her up by her hands on an apparatus that was made for skinning deer. For 12 days, Lois Pearson was beaten and raped, and all she could do was pray that somehow, some way, God would lift her out of what seemed like hell.

Turns out, God was listening. Investigation Discovery’s Your Worst Nightmare will detail how investigators came across a check that had been recently cashed and signed. The bank manager informed them that the check was made out to a man named Jeffrey Maxwell, her 59-year-old neighbor. When they went to his home, they found a nervous, visibly uncomfortable Maxwell, stating he had no idea where Lois was, and that he had not seen her in a long time. He explained that he received a check from Lois as payment for a debt she owed to him. Before investigators could leave, they heard a noise, and then a woman yelled “It’s me,” as she ran out of the door and onto the porch into investigators arms. A stunned Jeffrey Allan Maxwell was arrested and placed in the county jail.

But here’s one more creepy detail about Jeff Maxwell. In 1992, his former wife, Martha Martinez Maxwell, disappeared five years after she was beaten and left for dead on a road in Oklahoma. Investigators say that she was supposed to cooperate with police in 1987 to have Maxwell thrown in prison for almost killing her and leaving her for dead, but she went back to him after he begged her to give him one more chance. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since Mother’s Day, 1992, according to the Charley Project. To see how ID’s Your Worst Nightmare will present the case, tune in on Wednesday at 9/8 central for the episode, entitled “Neighbor From Hell.”

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