Anna Duggar Won’t Divorce Josh: Is Her Faithfulness Tragic Or Old-Fashioned Sweetness? [Video]

Anna Duggar is standing by her man and has no plans to divorce Josh Duggar. In the most recent episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On that aired December 20, Duggar confirmed that she “vowed to God first and then to Joshua,” and believes that her marriage should remain intact.

Fans and those Americans who care about the Duggar scandals have clamored for Anna to drop Josh like a rotten potato since news broke that Duggar molested five teenage girls when he was in his early teens. While there was a police report filed according to Fox News, 19 Kids & Counting fans were shocked to learn that the Duggar family had kept the secret hidden, and many viewers naturally felt betrayed.


A harsh backlash immediately ensued with most viewers calling for Anna to leave Josh. But perhaps more shocking was the revelation that Anna knew that Josh had molested young girls, two of whom were his sisters, and married him anyway. In the episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On which aired December 20, Anna admitted in an on-camera interview that Josh told her parents “the good, the bad, and the ugly” about his past because he wanted to date Anna. Interestingly enough, her parents agreed to let her date Josh knowing the truth.

After the police report resurfaced last summer, Anna confessed that it “was a shocking thing” to read through, reports Fox News. Duggar told the viewers that “having to almost relive what Joshua had done…was like ripping open an old wound.” This was a revealing statement itself, and clearly Anna feels more horror about her husband’s actions than any embarrassment she may have because his past became common knowledge.

When Josh Duggar apologized to Anna and the public for cheating on her with two different Ashley Madison accounts, the clamoring for Anna to leave her husband reached deafening proportions. Telling viewers that “it just felt like a bad dream” to learn her husband was not faithful to her, Anna tearfully admitted that her “first reaction really was denial” because “I really thought everything was okay and that we had a strong marriage.”


Perhaps what hurt the most, Anna confides in the episode, is that 19 Kids & Counting viewers were “able to see us get married and to bow before God to be loyal to each other,” and once she found out that Josh was cheating, Anna realized “that loyalty was broken.”

To make matters worse, Josh Duggar is now facing a $500,000 lawsuit from adult film actress Ashley Stamm-Northup, better known professionally as Danica Dillon, who claims that she was battered when consensual sex between her and Duggar turned rough. Apparently, Anna did not know about her husband’s relationship with Dillon either.

But a band aid apparently has been slapped over the entire infidelity issue, now that Josh has decided “he needed a lot of help,” and he is living in a faith-based recovery facility in Illinois, out of the prying eyes of the public to whom he so meekly apologized. Josh is there to receive treatment for his “sex and pornography addiction.”


Anna Duggar has now told viewers that she’s living with Jim Bob and Michelle, along with the rest of their children, making some viewers question whether Anna is living in a world that is too male-centric. As a conservative Christian, Anna has chosen to stay with her husband’s family while Josh receives “treatment” but at the same time, a grown woman with four children of her own is sleeping in the same room with her young sisters-in-law.

But according to Anna Duggar, she must “cling to her faith” in hopes her marriage does not “turn a mess into a disaster,” and she hopes God gives her the “help and the wisdom” to take the next step with her husband.

Jill & Jessa: Counting On viewers are left wondering, however, when enough will be enough. Anna clearly is angry and feels betrayed by her husband’s infidelity, and she obviously struggles to keep her composure as she tells the viewers about her feelings.

What do you think? Should Anna Duggar leave Josh? Is she just clinging to the last shreds of her marriage? Or is she keeping her promise as she should? Leave a comment below!

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