Japanese Harry Potter Is Instagram Hit [PHOTOS]

A Japanese graphic designer has become an Instagram photo sensation after releasing a series of pictures that depict him enjoying a leisurely fly around town on his wooden broomstick, reports MSN.

The user known as Halno-san has over 20,000 subscribers and has had his photos liked over 60,000 times on the popular photo sharing application Instagram. The 33 year-old from Hyogo Prefecture is being called the “Japanese Harry Potter” as he does a brilliant job at portraying the action so often seen at Hogwartz.

“Due to the popularity of Instagram overseas, we sometimes get these comments and reply we are the Japanese version of Harry Potter!” says his assistant that helps him create the interesting photos.

Halno-san informs the Huffington Post that he is actually taking inspiration from Natsumi Hayashi’s work, the levitating girl from Tokyo who became a blogging hit in May of 2011.

However, the 33 year-old says that because of the popularity of his work, he is now receiving requests for original work, as well as witnessing users trying to replicate his trademark Instagram photos.

“Because of the sheer popularity of the pictures, and we are actually happy that lots of people are copying us,” adding,

“To create your own copycat version of the ‘flying broomstick’, it is important to bend the legs, and make sure you perfect your facial expression, no excitement needed!”

Halno-san is welcoming his online popularity with open-arms and is also reminding users everywhere that all it takes is a little bit of originality to get noticed on the photo sharing site.

“Just remember to be interesting, and different from other people. Amateur photos of food and clothing are boring, don’t you think? You can fly on anything, not just a broomstick. Be creative!”

What do you think of Halno-san’s Instagram photos?