‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Moving Forward With Adopting A Child

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham recently announced that she had plans to adopt a child. Now, Farrah is revealing that she’s moving forward with the adoption process and couldn’t be happier about welcoming a second child in to her life.

According to Us Weekly Magazine, Farrah Abraham admitted that she has known many people in her life who have adopted or been adopted and has seen the positive impact that adoption has had in their lives. Now the Teen Mom OG star wants to do the same.

“I’m happy to confirm I’m moving forward in my adoption process. This means I will be making some changes in my career to welcome a new addition to my family,” Farrah Abraham said adding that she’s “very excited and this feels so right. I’m very blessed for this opportunity.”

Farrah Abraham to adopt second child. [Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for GBK]This will be the second child for the Teen Mom OG star, who is already the mother of 6-year-old daughter, Sophia. Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood tragically died in a car accident in 2009, 2 months before Sophia was born. Derek’s death has been a very hard issue for Farrah Abraham to deal with and move past. She’s often seen on the MTV reality series going home to visit Derek’s grave with Sophia.

In a newly released trailer for the new season of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham is seen scolding Sophia for not behaving. “Sometimes you’re immature, and you’re selfish, and you don’t think about other people but yourself,” Farrah tells Sophia, who is shown in the trailer sticking her tongue out at her grandmother, hitting Farrah, and throwing things in a temper tantrum.

Despite Sophia’s behavior, the Teen Mom OG star claims her daughter is completely ready to be an older sibling to a little brother or sister.

“Sophia is in the right frame of mind and is very supportive as well,” Farrah Abraham said. “She is very open and accepting to understanding that someone else had other parents, and we would be their second parent and be a loving family to them.”

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham isn’t the only Teen Mom OG star who is sharing great news about their family. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Amber Portwood recently gained custody of her daughter, Leah, back after losing in years ago while in prison.

Since being released from prison in 2013, Amber Portwood has been clean and sober and fighting for custody of her daughter. However, Gary Shirley seemed to be calling all the shots when it came to little Leah. Now, Amber and Gary have arrived at a custody agreement they both are reportedly happy with and will be sharing equal time with their daughter.

Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood wins custody of daughter Leah. [Image via Twitter]The Teen Mom OG personality is also in the midst of planning a wedding to her current fiance, Matt Baier. Fans were introduced to Amber’s new man in the last season of the MTV series and fans, Gary, and Portwood’s family all seemed skeptical of the fast engagement. However, the couple are still together and seemingly going strong.

Amber Portwood’s baby daddy Gary Shirley has been busy as well. Gary secretly married his longtime girlfriend Kristina Anderson earlier this year after the couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Emilee.

All of this should make for a very interesting new season of Teen Mom OG, which is set to air on MTV early next month. The trailer, which already has fans talking, reveals that things have not become any less dramatic for the young mothers and that their old issues just won’t seem to die.

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