Big Frame Raises $3 Million, Plans To Make YouTube Better

YouTube channel development company Big Frame announced on Wednesday that it has raised $3 million in early funding from a group of various investors. The company which is less than one years old works with various YouTube users to grow their audience, produce additional revenue and showcase premium entertainment based content.

While the company has not even existed for a full 12 months it already has more than 100 channels in its YouTube network and it has aggregated out more than 42 million monthly video views to more than 7.4 million unique monthly video viewers.

Among Big Frames talent are rising YouTube stars, the web series Squaresville and one channel that was accepted into YouTube’s $100 Million Originals Initiative.

Big Frame plans to use its new-found wealth to hire more workers, expand its talent management, develop a stronger sales department and work with more production team members. Big Frame may also start working with more advertisers who are interested in looking to make branded entertainment properties.

Big Frame also plans to make more of its own programming so it can expand on its burgeoning IP library.

According to Mashable the company’s latest round of funding comes from “Anthem Venture Partners, Daher Capital, DFJ Frontier, LaunchPad LA, New World Ventures, The Media Farm and Social Starts as well as angel investors Diego Berdakin, Dave Goldberg, Peter Gotcher, Clark Landry, Adam Lilling and Dan Murray.”

Here’s a video where Big Frame gloats about web viewership and the talent they have already managed to attract in just under a year: