Ryan Gosling Is Finding His Own Safe Haven

Ryan Has Found a New Side of Himself

Ryan Gosling is starting to show his sensitive side as he expresses sympathy and understanding for the people of Detroit. Gosling chose Detroit based on the history and character of the city and filmed his movie Lost River there. Ryan wanted to show people the feeling Gosling had by being in the city and how it felt, in a way, haunting. According to Detroit free Press,Ryan would love to make as many movies as possible in Detroit. The question is will there be the ability to shoot another movie in Detroit?



Gosling’s New Place to Call home

There are so many people who dream of having a place they can go to and be filled with ideas and theories. Gosling is lucky enough to have found this type of place so early in life. There is always the ability for Ryan to go to Detroit and take time to find a muse, to find a way to put his story across. Gosling was raised in Ontario Canada and lived close to the border, and was always able to see Detroit and the beauty of the city, and was able to recognize it at a young age. Gosling’s ability to see the opportunity placed in front of him shows a great deal of expertise in his field of work.

Ryan is Going on His Own Path

As a director, Ryan Gosling must be able to find the best place to film his stories, to know better than to simply go with the usual place to film a movie shows Gosling’s bravery to go beyond the normal ideas and to venture off and find a better place for his work, the difficult part for Ryan will be to decide when the best time to film in Detroit is. While Ryan Gosling has wanted to film a documentary of the city of Detroit, Gosling has not fulfilled this idea yet due to the change of heart at the last attempt and created it into a narrative that became Lost River. It has not been spoken about yet, but with this information there could be a Documentary with Gosling’s name on it in the future.

Will Ryan Share His New Safe Place?

Ryan Gosling is clearly a hot topic for most people, but he may be more than this as he pursues on through the life in the limelight. With his love of a city that could be only thought of as great in character. He could begin to turn the thought of the city around. If he wanted to, Gosling could make Detroit the next big thing in movies. This is unlikely because he will want to keep his safe place out of the spotlight to help him focus on his plans and future. Ryan seems to have found himself the ideal way to get away and still feel at home. Ryan has expressed his love for Detroit and that there is no place like it, he is eager to spend his time there and enjoy the city he has come to know so well. Gosling may see himself in Detroit, but he will probably be unable to spend much time there if he plans on continuing to direct and play roles in big movies. While he may be able to put some movies in Detroit, it is not always the best place to shoot movies and he will most likely not get a say when it comes to movies he is not directing, he may need to make a decision between the place he loves and the job he has. There are amazing things in Detroit, but big time movies and movie stars are not part of them; the fact of the matter is Gosling is falling in love with a city he cannot have.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]