Aaron Carter Pens Emotional Post-Breakup Tweets, Experiencing Mental Breakdown?

Aaron Carter has been a heartthrob for over a decade. He is known as the younger brother of Nick Carter, both of them have careers in the music industry. Aaron is well-known to be outspoken, especially on social media. There is a huge fan group for him on Twitter, many of whom retweet and comment on every single thing he posts. Right now, it appears that Aaron Carter is in a rough place. He is now 28, and hasn’t been in a real, long-term relationship. Several years ago, he was somewhat of a playboy but has since settled down.

According to Us Weekly, Aaron Carter went on a rant on Twitter about love. Some have accused the celebrity of experiencing a “mental breakdown.” It doesn’t seem like that is the case, though. Carter has always been upfront about his feelings. Recently, he went through a breakup and he was venting about it. Losing someone you love is sad and hard, but many men don’t choose to share those emotions publicly. Aaron Carter, on the other hand, is not ashamed to have his feelings on display, especially on social media.

It is unclear who Aaron Carter was dating. In fact, some people didn’t even know he was in a relationship at all. His tweets allude to the fact that their relationship was more secretive than he would have liked. There was also a mention of an anniversary, leaving many fans to wonder if he had been dating a year or more. Carter isn’t typically one to keep his personal life private, which only makes it all the more baffling for some of his fans to hear. Still, they were there to lend him support and encouraging words during his time on Twitter. While it is sad to know Aaron Carter is nursing a broken heart, the fact that he is single again is making the girls who are crushing on him squeal a bit.

Last year, Aaron Carter was seemingly obsessing over his lost love: Hilary Duff. In fact, it was a little creepy when Duff was asked about her former boyfriend. The two were in love back in 2000, but they broke up in 2002 because he allegedly cheated on her. They were young teens in love, but he had yet to get over his playboy ways. Since then, both have lead incredibly separate lives. Duff was married and had a baby, while Carter remained single and childless. He was hoping for another chance with his ladylove after Duff went through a divorce. However, she wasn’t ready to take him back, especially since they no longer knew one another. Everyone was asking Duff about Carter, and it clearly made her uncomfortable.

While it may have been shocking for some to see Aaron Carter pour his heart out like he did, he typically vents to his Twitter followers. According to Entertainment Tonight, Carter refers to his Twitter fans as a support group. He knows they will support him completely, even if there may be a few followers out there who want to see him fail. When Carter was accused of having a mental breakdown by his haters, he was not in the mood to argue. He was also asked about who the girlfriend was, but he chose to keep that confidential.

There have been a lot of ups and downs for Aaron Carter throughout his career. While he will always be known as Nick Carter’s little brother, he has made quite the name for himself in the music industry. Fans are disappointed that he is going through a rough time in the love department, but are hopeful he will find someone who loves like he does. Until then, Aaron Carter is officially on the market and looking for love.

[Image via Aaron Carter/Instagram]