Google Earth 7.0 Debuts 3D Mapping At Google I/O Keynote

Google on Wednesday used the Google I/O keynote to show off its glasses project, talk up Google Android ‘Jelly Bean” and to reveal Google Earth 7.0, the newest version of the company’s photographic view of the world.

This time around Google executives showcased the platforms new 3D map technology which allows user to grab an aerial view of select cities which are created with the use of 45-degree imagery which can pick up objects as small as trees.

As of right now Google Earth 7.0 only offers the new 3D aerial mapping technology in San Francisco Bay, Boulder, Boston, Charlotte, Lawrence, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Cruz and Tampa. The only international hot spot added to the program thus far is Rome.

Google also announced its guided tours option so users in other cities will still find plenty of new features to keep them entertained when fly-over 3D mapping isn’t enough.

The Google Earth 7.0 application can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store and users with program also installed can simply choose to accept the new upgrade for their devices.

If iPhone users are feeling a little jaded by the Google Android’s exclusive update it should be noted that Apple just announced plans to default a new mapping program on their devices, although the successful of that platform in comparison to Google Maps is yet to be seen.

Here’s a quick first look from Google Earth 7.0:

Will you be taking advantage of Google Earth 7.0 aerial mapping technology on your next vacation or business trip?