James Kennedy And Lala Kent Hint They Are More Than Friends

James Kennedy and Lala Kent are obviously getting really close this season on Vanderpump Rules. Nobody knows if they are more than just friends or not because they won’t share the details. Wet Paint recently shared a video featuring James and Lala, where they make it sound like they could be more than just friends. On the show, Lala and James spend a lot of time together, but so far, they haven’t shared that it is serious at all or even that they are romantic with each other.

In a new video, Lala and James talk about their relationship or lack of one. James shared that they obviously like each other a lot and spend time together almost every single day. James teased that you will find out, so it sounds like he doesn’t want to reveal anything until it airs on Vanderpump Rules. Lala did say that they have a lot of fun when they are together. James and Lala hit it off right away.

James and Lala also talked a bit about music, and James says he has been producing for about six years but has only been a DJ for three. Lala Kent is a great singer, according to James, and viewers did get to see this recently on an episode of the show. Their track “Feeling You” will actually be coming out in January. James shared that Lisa Vanderpump is very invested in their music and is even his manager along with her husband, Ken Todd. There will even be an entire album from James coming out for PUMP. He is also planning to do a big party for his album and his birthday, which are around the same time for James.


James Kennedy and Lala Kent even have great things to say about Lisa Vanderpump. Lala shared that Lisa kind of goes into “mama bear” mode with James, and she is very supportive of them. James teased that Lisa might be in the studio with him by saying that you have to wait and see. Lala is also working on other music with someone other than James, so you never know where her career is going. Lala is also talking to someone about possibly doing a bit of acting in her career.


Back in November, Bustle shared who Lala Kent is dating now. Actually, in a November interview with Reality Tea, Lala Kent confirmed that she was dating James Kennedy. They are constantly posting things together on social media. Since James Kennedy finally split with Kristen Doute, it looks like he has found his perfect match. Lala and James are really adorable together, and hopefully they have found a relationship that will last.

She Knows shared that Lala Kent recently shared that she did have sex with James Kennedy, but it was total blackout sex and she didn’t even remember it the next day. While on a podcast interview with thedirty’s Nik Richie, Lala shared that this happened and even said she wasn’t sexually attracted to James. Lala also said she knows that James would never ever take advantage of her. Lala has nothing bad to say about James Kennedy at all.

James also did another interview recently where he talked about what viewers are seeing is not the real him and is someone who is really hurt.

In this interview, James was asked if he was an item with Lala and he said, “Yea you can say that.”

Do you think that James Kennedy and Lala Kent are more than just friends? Are they a great fit? Regardless of what is going on romantically, it is obvious that James and Lala are really close and enjoying their time together. They are just not ready to spoil the entire season just yet. Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Mondays.

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