April 16, 2017
WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Top Rumors For Tonight's 'Monday Night RAW' -- The Slammys

Tonight, WWE is going to present The Slammys on Monday Night RAW, and that used to mean some corny awards handed out and not much else. Now, there is a lot more to them. Sure, the corny awards are given, but usually, the show now ends up starting some big angles and huge feuds. Well, a lot of rumors are swirling around for tonight, and they include The Wyatt Family, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Ric Flair, and more.

Currently, the voting for the Slammy Awards is still open via social media sites, according to WWE.com, so you can still let your opinion be known. Throughout the day, WWE will be announcing some of the winners, and then revealing the big ones tonight.

slammys monday night raw rumors
[Image via WWE]Other than the awards, though, there are a ton of rumors flying around about big names that could appear on tonight's RAW, and who may return. A few major angles could also be starting tonight, as well, and leading WWE into the new year and the Royal Rumble in January.

A "big angle" will be happening between Roman Reigns and The Authority

Roman Reigns is in deep water with The Authority after decimating Triple H and then winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rumors of a "big angle" starting tonight between the two are in place, and The Authority may bring in an enforcer to take on the new title-holder.

WWE is reporting that Roman Reigns may end up learning his "harsh fate" this evening.

Brock Lesnar may return to WWE television

The "Beast Incarnate" returned to WWE this past weekend by taking on Alberto Del Rio at a house show and beating down him and Rusev. Lesnar isn't scheduled to be back with the company until mid-January, but tonight's show does take place in Minnesota, near Lesnar's home.

Paul Heyman is rumored to be on RAW tonight, and it's hard to believe that he would be there without his client.

The Wyatt Family's next big feud is set to begin

After taking down Team ECW in two big matches, the Wyatts are on fire right now and looking like one of the most dominant forces in all of WWE. They will be moving on now to someone different, and it won't be lucky for whomever the new "Faces of Fear" target.

WrestleZone believes that The Wyatt Family's next feud shouldn't be against a group, but against a single person. There is really only one single wrestler who could possibly stand up to the group of four, and that's Brock Lesnar.

Other rumored feuds for the Wyatts are The New Day or the Lucha Dragons.

Surprise names could return from injury or just randomly show up

Two of the biggest names that are part of rumors right now to show up on RAW are Seth Rollins and John Cena. Rollins is injured still, and won't be back in a wrestling ring for months, but he could appear to accept an award or to keep his face in the public eye.

john cena monday night raw slammys
[Image via WWE]The other big name rumored to return is John Cena, who has been out since late October for personal reasons (reality show filming). He was originally scheduled to return on December 26, but he could have an early comeback tonight.

Ric Flair and Santino Marella are both scheduled to appear at tonight's Slammys as well, and will probably be award presenters. Stephen Amell of Arrow could be there as well, and it would be to accept an award.

WrestleZone is also reporting that Tommy Dreamer and Blue Meanie will be at a winter coat drive at Mill City Nights this evening. That event is taking place right across the street from where Monday Night RAW is being held, and could also show up.

King Barrett and Stardust are both said to be backstage as well, and the two stars could be returning from injuries on RAW. Also, Damien Sandow is preparing for fun if he happens to win an award tonight.

The Slammys will still be rather cheesy and give out awards that aren't a huge deal, but the episode of Monday Night RAW could bring about storylines for the next two months. John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Ric Flair, The Wyatt Family -- the rumors are huge and big angles are coming so make sure to tune in.

[Image via WWE]