‘General Hospital’ Speculations: What Is With Elizabeth and Franco’s NewFound Friendship?

Last week on General Hospital, there were so many emotional moments that it was so hard to keep up. Jason Morgan has just found out who he is and even worse, he discovered the truth that his fiancée kept that secret to herself for months. He feels betrayed, and has now moved out of Elizabeth’s house.

Rebecca Herbst has been phenomenal in her role as Elizabeth Spencer. She is a longtime vet on General Hospital, and she has many fans rooting for her, even during this web of secrets and lies. Her character is now trying to get on with her life the best she can, but Elizabeth also has hopes that Jason will eventually come back to her and the boys.

Jason’s former fiancée is now on the naughty list this holiday season. This girl unexpectedly found herself in a situation that she never thought she would ever be in. She was finally engaged to be married to Jason Morgan! However, her secret that she kept instead of revealing the truth caught up with her, and now most everyone is lashing out at her, as mentioned by EW.

It seems that Liz has no one to turn to at the moment, except for one person who is becoming an unlikely friend, in a strange sort of way. That person is Franco.


Just when Elizabeth thought she would get a break from the bashing last week, along comes Carly who thrashed her some more. Mrs. Corinthos told her that now everyone sees her for what she really is and that she deserved what she got for keeping Jason away from his wife and son. Their argument continued in the art room at the hospital where Franco does his patient art therapy. Little did they know that he was lying on the couch while they were having it out.

Once Carly left, Franco surprised Elizabeth, or really, she surprised him when she started throwing stuff out of anger and frustration. It seems that this might be the beginning of a weird friendship, in an awkward but refreshing sort of way.

What Liz did wasn’t so bad, according to Franco. For some reason, the guy is sympathizing with her and offering his hand in friendship. It is all very strange indeed. Even Elizabeth thought it was weird as she was heard muttering this comment.

“The fact that you are on my side is terribly disturbing.”


General Hospital fans may certainly agree, but many others may like this newfound friendship between this unlikely pair. Franco has even escorted Elizabeth to the Nutcracker Holiday Gala, probably as a way to torment Jason. He could be giving himself protection against the former hitman if Jason ever remembers his past and realizes how much he wants to get rid of Franco. Liz could be his ticket to not getting killed. Or could it be that Franco’s heart is growing just like the Grinch at Christmastime?

This whole story line is so out of character for Rebecca Herbst. According to Soap Opera Spy, the actress has embraced this whole change in her character, but that wasn’t always the case. She admitted in Soap Opera Digest that she wasn’t quite on board with what the writers wanted to do to Elizabeth. However, Herbst later decided that this might be a good thing after all to shake things up a bit.

“I was angry that everything was so out of character. But then I embraced it and decided to do my best at making it believable, and not just so that the audience would believe it, but so Elizabeth would believe herself.”

She certainly has embraced this story line and has made fans hate her, but that’s okay with her. She said that she is doing her job when General Hospital fans feel so deeply about Elizabeth, one way or the other.

Rebecca Herbst is doing her job. (Photo by YouTube screen cap) Rebecca Herbst is doing her job. [Image via YouTube screen cap]As for working with the wonderful Roger Howarth, Herbst was thrilled to finally be able to have some scenes together with him. These two soap vets have come together to create some magic on General Hospital, even if her character did forget that Franco had previously kidnapped her son. It looks like all is forgiven, as can happen quite often in the soap world.

What are your thoughts on the friendly pairing of Elizabeth and Franco? Love it or hate it?

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