‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Christmas Brings Joy & Heartache To Salem

Days of Our Lives fans are in for a treat during the week of Christmas. Salem will be full of love, laughter, joy, and because it’s a soap opera, heartache and betrayal.

According to the Christian Post, Days of Our LivesChristmas will last the entire week through, including episodes airing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and viewers know that means a huge Horton holiday celebration is in the works.

Fans who have been watching Days of Our Lives for years know that each year the Horton family hosts a big Christmas celebration and tree trimming party, where the members of the Horton family by blood and marriage hang their own personalized ornament on the Horton tree, which is usually done at Jennifer’s home, because it once belonged to the family’s patriarch and matriarch, Tom and Alice Horton.

This year there is sure to be plenty of laughs and a lot of tears for those Hortons who are no longer with us. This year along Days of Our Lives viewers have watched Bo Brady, who was married to Hope, a Horton by blood, and Will Horton, tragically die far too soon. The hanging of their ornaments will likely be especially hard this Christmas.

Days of Our Lives Horton Tree Ornaments. [Image via NBC]However, there will be a couple of new additions to the tree as well. Hope’s step-son, Chase Jennings, will get an ornament as well as Abigail’s son, Thomas, whom she named after great-grandfather Tom Horton.

Unfortunately for Abigail, Christmas will be hard this year, even though she should be full of joy for having her son in her arms. Abby has been through the wringer over the past month, and Days of Our Lives viewers have been along for the ride.

Abby not only found out that her fiancé, Ben Weston, was the necktie killer, but he kidnapped her and forced her to give birth to her son, who was premature, in a secluded cabin. Thankfully, Abigail’s ex-boyfriend and true love, Chad DiMera, burst in to save her. Abby then begin to plan a future with Chad, but has since had her heartbroken by the DiMera family.

Last week on Days of Our Lives, Chad’s devious older brother, Andre DiMera, had Chad hypnotized and brainwashed to break up with Abigail when she needed him most and go after Belle Black-Brady, Shawn Brady’s estranged wife. Andre believes that if Chad can cozy up to Belle, then they can get information on where Belle’s sister, Sami, has taken the huge fortune she stole from the family. What Andre doesn’t know is that Belle has all of that money in an offshore account.

Days of Our Lives Christmas 2015. [Image via NBC]Days of Our Lives fans can also expect to see a holiday story line about Maggie, Victor, and Caroline unfold when Victor wants Caroline, he former lover and mother of late son, Bo Brady, to move into his mansion with him and his current wife, Maggie. It’s obvious that Maggie is getting a bit jealous and suspicious of Victor’s relationship and feelings for Caroline, but being the kind-hearted person that Maggie is, she’s stayed quiet on the situation so far. However, if Caroline comes to move in with the couple, she may be forced to speak up.

One last fun fact about Days of Our Lives‘ Christmas shows this year is that this will be the final year viewers will see the original Horton ornaments. The ornaments have been donated to the Smithsonian for safe keeping, and, starting in 2016, the ornaments seen in Salem will be replicas of the originals, so take a good look this year, because we won’t see them again on our television sets!

What are your thoughts on Christmas on Days of Our Lives this year?