WWE News: WWE Superstar Sheamus Gets Injured During WWE Live Event Match Over The Weekend

WWE Superstar Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank case a little while back on Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and few people outside of the Irish culture seemed to like the decision, as the ratings took a huge dive with him at the top of WWE. However, WWE saw they needed to make a change, and ended up having one of the best WWE RAW episodes of the year when they had Reigns capture the gold from the Irishman.

That little change might now turn out to be a huge move by WWE. According to Daily Wrestling News, Sheamus appeared to get hurt last night at a WWE Live Event in the main event match of the night with Roman Reigns. He appeared to have some sort of leg injury, but was able to finish the match. The dreaded “X” was put up by the ref to help Sheamus to the back. Reigns would deliver a closing post-match promo to celebrate the win.

The website’s correspondent at the event mentioned that Sheamus was limping all the way to the back due to the injury, so this could be a bad one. Sheamus very well could be fine and appear on WWE RAW tonight, showing no issue. However, he will surely be evaluated to be 100 percent sure he is going to be alright going into WrestleMania season. If Sheamus is seriously hurt, he can be added to the growing list of WWE talent who have gone down with injuries this year.

LON [Image via WWE]A leg injury is nothing to scoff at, as Seth Rollins had a similar issue that looked terrible and ended up being just that, where he tore practically everything in his knee. Even a small tweak can lead the knee into a bad position. For a man at Sheamus’ size, he is already vulnerable to knee issues due to the profession he is in. Big men can only go so long at this level before their knees start to wear down.

The Undertaker can tell you all about knee issues, as can Kane and Big Show. Lucky for the last two, they have been able to stay clear of injuries for the most part, and Show alone uses a bus on his schedule from town to town to help keep stress off his body.

Sheamus is not as big as any of the three, but is no small man by any means. Sheamus has stayed injury-free with his legs for the most part in his career, so he is lucky that this could be a first time thing, which could result in problem not being as bad. The main issue is that if it is, WWE storylines have to be re-shifted once more heading into WrestleMania season.

Sheamus MITB [Image via WWE]Some believe that the referee doing the entire thing with Sheamus as well as the help to the back might all be a case of kayfabe to better sell Reigns’ victory on the night. However, with this being a live event, that is probably not the case. WWE would do something like this on their television programs, but rarely does this occur at a live event. Usually, a person is legitimately hurt.

There is hope among most fans that Sheamus is not seriously injured, as WWE really cannot take the loss of another star — especially one that they planned to use in higher mid-card to main event level material for the next while leading into WrestleMania. John Cena and Brock Lesnar’s comeback to WWE could really not come at a better time if WWE loses another talent for a few months.

[Image via WWE]