Miss Universe Pageant 2015: Steve Harvey Screws Up, Announces Wrong Winner As Chaos Ensues

The Miss Universe Pageant 2015 took place on Sunday night, and when it all came down to it, there were three remaining. Steve Harvey was the host and MC for the event, and the longtime host of numerous events was expected to add some stardom to it. Unfortunately, he called the wrong name at the very end and that is when mass chaos ensued.

Steve Harvey called out Miss USA as the second runner-up and it came down to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. Harvey had the card in hand and gave a long dramatic pause before shouting out that the “new Miss Universe is…COLOMBIA.”

Music played, flowers were brought out, and the crowd cheered as the crown was placed on her head and the sash around her. She waved to the crowd for about a minute and kept getting cheered on.

That is, until Steve Harvey interjected and had to let everyone know there had been a mistake. Harvey had announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe Pageant 2015.

The actual winner of the pageant is Miss Philippines – Pia Alonza Wurtzbach, as the Twitter account for Miss Universe has already shown.

The crown was taken off of the head of Miss Colombia, her smile faded a little bit, and Miss Philippines had to walk over to take her rightful place. Steve Harvey was, needless to say, very upset about the whole thing and tried to apologize.