Marijuana Christmas: A Last Minute Stoner Gift Guide

There are only a few days left before Christmas and the time to find the perfect gift for that stoner on your list is growing short, but don't worry.

The Inquisitr has compiled a list of the best gifts for the marijuana smoker in your life to make your holiday shopping easier.

Now that the federal government has legalized medical marijuana and four states, along with the District of Columbia, have okayed recreational pot use finding the perfect "4:20" gift is easier than ever before.

Don't forget to buy that stoner on your list a great marijuana gift.

Online Cannabis Gift Stores

There are a number of online merchants offering great gifts for marijuana smokers, and if you act quickly they'll still ship in time for Christmas.

Smoke Cartel offers a wide selection of high quality glass bongs, bubblers, dab rings, and vaporizers. No cheap stuff here, this 4:20 friendly store specializes in only the highest-quality glass.

Retro Active advertises the lowest prices around, and offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more. They even feature great Star Wars-themed glassware. Until Christmas Eve they're offering 30 percent off stocking stuffers under $20.

Grasscity is offering 35 percent off orders until Dec. 26, no coupon needed. Despite their name, the online retailer offers a number of non-smokable gifts including T-shirts, ashtrays, grinders, cleaners, and storage tins.

The giant online retailer Amazon offers a wide variety of marijuana-related gifts, including pot-themed shirts, marijuana socks, hemp bags and even cannabis-themed jewelry.

4:20 Holiday Gift Ideas

For those shoppers who have no idea what to buy their 4:20-friendly family members, we've listed some great gift ideas for the stoner on the go.

Black Rock Originals is offering a Safety Case that, at first glance, looks like an ordinary sunglasses case. It's a smell proof container that allows the cannabis enthusiast to carry their favorite glassware hiking, biking, or anywhere outdoors.

The $25 iHit turns your iPhone 6 or 6S into a transportation device designed to carry up to five pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. It's perfect for concerts, festivals, or travel.

The more refined marijuana smoker might prefer a PAX or PAX 2 vaporizer. Small and portable, the vaporizer has motion sensing technology and four temperature settings. It comes in four different colors including gold.

With more marijuana benefits being found everyday, it makes sense that someone would come out with a body cream. Enter Kannaway; the company makes a variety of skin care products derived from hemp oil formulated to improve your skin's look and feel.

For the pot smoker with a green thumb, Miracle-Gro AeroGarden offers a chance to grow your own plant. It's a soil-free indoor gardening system designed to grow plants faster than soil. Specially designed lights increase the plant's growth rate and results in a larger crop. It can also be used to grow flowers and vegetables.

The creatively-inclined pot smoker might enjoy a uniquely-designed marijuana Christmas ornament from CafePress. These moderately-priced gifts offer a chance to celebrate the holidays while still expressing support for the marijuana movement.

Books on the marijuana prohibition and legalization effort are always a favorite with the intelligent weed smoker. There are a number of good books out there including the latest from Robert 'Bobby Tuna' who served the longest marijuana-only prison sentence in American history.

With marijuana legalization sweeping the country, marijuana retailers are reporting higher profits than ever before. Don't miss out on the opportunity to surprise the cannabis enthusiast in your life.

[Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images]