Vicki Gunvalson Shares Her Christmas Gift From Daughter On Instagram

Vicki Gunvalson has been in the headlines quite a bit lately after a rocky year; the Real Housewives star was embroiled in a bitter battle with ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers following a confusing story he went public with concerning his health battles, and she also lost her mother. Now, the reality star is looking forward to starting a new year with her daughter close to home, and she recently shared a photo on Instagram of a gift from Briana that will be going on her tree.

Gunvalson shared a pic of an adorable ornament featuring two little ones in bed, waiting for Santa. The boys are meant to represent her grandsons, Troy and Owen, and Vicki said she loves it.

Briana is reportedly going to be moving back to Orange County, which might be a good chance for mother and daughter to repair their relationship. The duo had a rough time when Vicki was still with Brooks Ayers, because Ayers allegedly hit on Briana at a party. She also later said that she busted him in a lie about having cancer before anyone else began to question his diagnosis, but her mother didn’t believe her.

Vicki’s co-stars began to seriously doubt Brooks’ cancer claims, as well, and their questions led to some serious bickering on the show. Vicki said at one point that she felt like she was being personally attacked after some of the housewives questioned whether she knew more than she was letting on about Ayer’s claims.

“I’ve done nothing wrong here … I’m being nailed to the cross like Jesus was and he did nothing wrong. He’s Jesus Christ and he did nothing wrong and he was nailed to the cross. That’s how I feel,” Vicki said.

After Vicki and Ayers broke up, he moved to Florida and claims to be moving on, but has taken to Twitter to accuse Vicki of trying to get into contact with him even after the cancer hoax. Vicki shot right back on the social media site, saying he used her.

“You are the one who contacted me & yes I have responded. I am the one who was USED! Do you want to go there?” she wrote.

“Vicki keeps saying she hates me and is not going to talk to me ever again and that I duped her. She was texting me just last night! We were bantering back and forth about some of the things she had said on the Watch What Happens Live special,” Ayers told E! News.

Ayers reportedly recently won a $130,000 lawsuit filed by a former business partner–who was working on a line of vodka with Brooks and Vicki–after a judge declared the plaintiff’s claims were without merit. Robert Willamson III filed suit against Brooks for fraud and breach of contract, and also claimed that Ayers hired a hitman to get rid of him at one point. Ayers says Williamson’s claims were completely false, and Williamson reportedly was ordered to pay attorney fees for the reality star.

Vicki Gunvalson has had a hard time coping with all the changes and the stress of her breakup, and a source told RadarOnline that she was taking some time to come back from it all.

“Vicki was really, really struggling for a while after that all went down. She is a tough cookie, but she also has a soft inside and that whole incident hurt her emotionally.”

Vicki’s daughter Briana has had cancer scares herself, and recently had to be rushed to the hospital. She reportedly underwent surgery to remove enlarged lymph nodes, but no cancer was reportedly detected.

[Image via Bravo]