'Outlander' Star Caitriona Balfe Answers Fans' Most Burning Questions About Season 2

This has been an interesting week for Outlander fans. In addition to the announcement that Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies were nominated for Golden Globes for their parts as Claire Fraser and Black Jack Randall, the actress also opened up about the upcoming season in a video posted to the show's official Twitter account. What questions did Balfe answer about the second season of the hit series?

The video was posted by Starz as a response to the multitude of questions fans had about the coming season. While Balfe playfully revealed that she prefers French wine over Scottish Whiskey, and that she likes her men in trousers over kilts, she did answer a few interesting questions about her character.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on 'Outlander' [Image via Starz]
Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on Outlander [Image via Starz]For starters, one fan asked Balfe about which personality trait she shares most with her character. "I would like to think that I have that kind of wild nature that Claire has," Balfe stated, adding that Claire "can be a little bossy sometimes."

At the same time, Balfe also shared what her funniest moment on set was during the second season. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with her co-star, Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser). "I think when I laughed the hardest was probably out of fear when the carriage I was in just did a one wheeled swerve around a corner," she stated. "The carriage sort of just slides over and goes up on one wheel and hops the curb. All I could was sit in the back and laugh, but it was kind of out of terror."

Meanwhile, according to Carter Matt, the series is currently working on the production of the second season. With that in mind, filming has been ongoing in several locations over the past two months, including Scotland and Prague. In fact, the wintry conditions in Scotland have been one major obstacle the cast and crew has had to tackle in recent weeks.

"We're in the thick of the Scottish winter right now so it's tough to be shooting this time of year, but we've completed all the Paris episodes and the story has now returned to Scotland and the Jacobite rebellion," executive producer Ronald D. Moore told the Wrap.

Aside from the weather concerns, Moore added that the second season has been more difficult to adapt in relation to Season 1. The second season of Outlander is being adapted from the second novel in the hit book series by Diana Gabaldon, titled Dragonfly in Amber.

"Season 2 just required more work. It was a harder book to adapt and as a result, we did make more changes from the source material than we probably did in Season 1, but it's definitely that world," he explained.

Season 2 of 'Outlander' will premiere in spring 2016. [Image via Starz]
Season 2 of Outlander will premiere in spring 2016. [Image via Starz]While fans still have a few months to wait until the release of the new season of Outlander, at least they can celebrate with Balfe and Menzies in their Golden Globe nominations. In fact, Balfe recently showed her appreciation for being nominated in a post to Twitter.

"Just managed to scrape my jaw off the floor. Thank you @goldenglobes for the nomination!!! #GoldenGlobes #Outlander," Balfe wrote.

At the same time, Balfe and Gabaldon exchanged congratulations on social media in light of the Golden Globe news. "@caitrionambalfe @goldenglobes So proud of you! Congratulations!!!" Gabaldon wrote on her Twitter account.

"@Writer_DG @goldenglobes thank you so much Diana!!! You've a lot to answer for!!! Ha. Can't wait to see you soon and celebrate. Xxxx" Balfe posted in response.

In addition to the nods for Balfe and Menzies, the show received a nomination for Best Drama.

The second season of Outlander is expected to arrive sometime in early 2016 on Starz.

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