'General Hospital' Spoilers: Robin's Fate Is Revealed, Jason Faces Emotional Moments, And Michael Confronts Sabrina

There is a big week of action ahead on General Hospital. Spoilers detail that the Nutcracker Gala takes center stage and there will be explosive moments. There is romance on the way as well and fans will not want to miss the December 21 week of episodes.

GH fans were disappointed to learn that the episode slated to air on Friday was pre-empted due to a presidential press conference. Luckily, viewers aren't missing a minute of the action, as Friday's episode is airing in full on Monday, December 21 instead.

Viewers will see the holiday gala kick fully into gear. In addition, Patrick, Anna and Robert learn Robin's fate. Jason, Sam and Elizabeth all end up at the gala, and there will be an emotional moment between Robin and Jason in this next show. Viewers will also see that Julian has a big question for Kristina and Molly.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Alexis and Julian will be celebrating on Tuesday, notes She Knows Soaps. It seems that Julian will be proposing and Alexis says yes. While these two certainly have more drama on the way, at least for now, they are in a pretty good place.

Michael has been asking questions about Sabrina's pregnancy, and Monica will be noting that something is off once she looks at the sonogram. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during Tuesday's show, Michael will confront Sabrina. Will Sabrina finally come clean?

Tuesday's episode also comes with a tough moment for Tracy. General Hospital spoilers have shared that Ava and Paul will sneak away from the gala to get frisky, but it seems someone will catch them. It seems that this will either be Tracy or someone who fills her in on things, as teasers note that her rose-colored classes are about to come off and this is surely related to her reconnection with Paul.

Jason is showing up at the gala and General Hospital spoilers have teased a tense moment involving Jason, Elizabeth and Sam. Liz is going to throw Laura under the bus and teasers detail that there is another showdown between Nikolas and Jason on Wednesday's show. In addition, Sam is said to be stunned by something she sees during this episode.

Robin does survive despite Jerry's plans to have her killed, and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central note that she will be making a vow to Emma later in the week. Is there a happy reunion ahead for Patrick, Robin and Emma here?

It seems that there will be a reunion, but it will be short-lived. Unfortunately, Jason Thompson is leaving the role of Dr. Patrick Drake very soon and the buzz has been that Patrick and Robin will stay away from Port Charles; but, Anna and Emma will soon return.

This week also brings Lulu drama. General Hospital spoilers indicate that on Wednesday's show, Laura will have reason to suspect that Lulu is up to something bad. Lulu and Johnny have been formulating a plan to get back at Valerie, but just how far will they really go?

Jason is said to have a major flashback this week that brings back memories of romance. Will these be related to Sam or Elizabeth? There has been some buzz that he may surprise everybody by forgiving Elizabeth and giving them a shot at a future together, but everybody will have to stay tuned to see if that is accurate.

There is no new episode on Friday, as the show is taking a break for the Christmas holiday. What kind of drama comes next for those in Port Charles? Viewers will have to stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as the chaos continues.

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