'The Flash' Adding Another Speedster In Season 2? Plus Killer Frost Is Coming

If there's one promise Season 2 of The Flash has already fulfilled, it is the inclusion of more speedsters than ever before. In fact, according to Movie Pilot, the new season has already included two new speedsters in Jay Garrick and Zoom. With that in mind, is there another speedster on the way for Season 2 of The Flash?

While fans were given a quick look at Jay's abilities in the show's crossover episodes with Arrow, the mid-season finale of The Flash also introduced Jesse Quick. Although she has already been featured in short clips this season, Jesse appears to be gearing up for a major showing in Earth-1.

In the comic book version of the character, Jesse is the daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, who uses a unique phrase in order to tap into the speed force. Nothing of the sort has been included in The Flash, but Harrison Wells, who also happens to be Jesse's father on the show, has created a special drug that enabled Jay to regain his abilities. Is it possible that Jesse will do the same?

Danielle Panabaker will be Killer Frost on 'The Flash' [Image via The CW]
Danielle Panabaker will be Killer Frost on The Flash [Image via The CW]In addition to Jesse as a potential new speedster, the show's mid-season finale also introduced Wally West, who was reunited with his long lost family, Joe and Iris West. Wally is also known as Kid Flash in the comics. That being said, it isn't clear if Wally is already a speedster or not. Wally's super speed in the comics came as a result of a scientific experiment gone wrong, much in the same way that Barry Allen got his super speed.

Now, it should be noted that in the comics, Wally does end up taking the place of Barry as The Flash. However, that is probably not likely to happen in the show any time soon, especially considering Barry's growing powers this season. Instead, fans can expect to see Barry taking Wally under his wings and teaching him a thing or two about being a speedster.

Meanwhile, CarterMatt is reporting that fans might expect an entirely new speedster to grace the show in the second half of Season 2. Apparently, Eliza Harmon, who is also known as Trajectory, is set to make an appearance in a future episode of The Flash.

Harmon is a noted scientist who suffers from a kind of split personality, not to dissimilar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At this point, it is not clear if the show will feature her gaining super speed status, and even less clear how that would go down. Perhaps Harrison Wells attempts to experiment on her and it results in her ability to access the speed force?

Teddy Sears is Jay Garrick on 'The Flash' [Image via The CW]
Teddy Sears is Jay Garrick on The Flash [Image via The CW]Aside from more speedsters joining the show, the second half the new season is set to feature the introduction of Killer Frost. According to Christian Today, Danielle Panabaker will finally be introduced as Killer Frost when the show returns in January.

In fact, a few photos have surfaced online that appear to show Killer Frost in action. In one photo, which was posted to Twitter by a fan, Panabaker is seen walking around the set in character.

At the same time, another photo was released on Twitter that shows Grant Gustin and Panabaker together in a scene. The caption on the image read: "Killer Frost not a fan of Barry Allen 2.0. #TheFlash filming in downtown #Vancouver tonight."

Based on the images, it is fairly likely that Killer Frost will be included this season. Exactly when that happens, however, is not known.

The second season of The Flash picks back up with the episode titled "Potential Energy" on January 19.

[Image via The CW]