Derrick Williams' Instagram Photos -- Is This The Louis Vuitton Case 2 Females Cleaned Out With $750,000 Worth Of Bling?

You've heard of Basketball Wives. Well, now there are two women roaming around that might as well get their own Basketball Thieves reality TV show. According to the New York Post, two women partied with Derrick Williams, but apparently decided that good companionship wasn't all they'd get out of the 24-year-old Derrick.

Williams is known for his signature blonde-tipped locks as No. 23 of the New York Knicks bounces around Madison Square Garden, like Williams did on Saturday night in New York City. At that point, Derrick didn't want to discuss the robbery that happened the night before, on Friday evening, when a night of partying ended up back at his Broadway apartment and left Williams with approximately $750,000 in jewelry missing.

Derrick Williams Instagram
[Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]On Instagram, Williams can be seen sporting a "Jesus piece," jewelry that's usually made of gold and diamonds -- a pendant with the face of Christ Jesus on a gold chain. That Instagram photo, which was uploaded to Instagram 30 weeks ago, featured Williams giving praise to God and receiving threatening comments about the expensive jewelry.
"dwxxiii all praise to the most high."
Another $6,800 Panerai ­Radiomir black seal watch.
"dwxxiii My new watch came in. I appreciate @thehighlander65 so much for the great alley-oop pass. @Panerai will always be one of my favorites simply for the classic look they keep on all of their watches. Thank you @thehighlander65 for showing love, business with you is never business. 🙏🏽"
Derrick was still able to help the Knicks win on Saturday night, with the New York Knickerbockers beating the Chicago Bulls 107-91. Williams was responsible for 9 of those points. On Friday, December 18, when Derrick went up against guys like the Philadelphia 76ers' Jahlil Okafor, Derrick was also able to help the Knicks beat Philadelphia, with New York turning triumphant for a 107-97 win.

That's when the victory celebration ensued with Williams and his friends at the Up & Down club in New York, where plenty of beautiful people can be seen on the club's Instagram page. Leaving the club to visit Derrick's Broadway apartment, Williams and his friends brought two women they'd just met. A mere 12 weeks ago, an Instagram post on Derrick's page displayed a photo of an apartment that had a commentator asking why they felt like they were viewing a $1 million home. A MacBook and other expensive fare can be seen in the Instagram pic.

"I don't want to talk about it. It's still up in the air."
Seen in another photo on Instagram are Louis Vuitton cases, potentially the same Louis Vuitton cases that held the $750,000 worth of Williams' jewelry that the women found and allegedly stole from one of Derrick's closets.

Derrick Williams instgram
[Image via Instagram/dwxxiii]The women reportedly cleared out at least one of Williams' Louis Vuitton cases, and didn't take the cases themselves, because when Derrick examined his case the day after partying with the women -- not until Saturday afternoon around 4 p.m. -- Williams found his jewelry gone. Derrick contacted police about the matter.

Authorities are looking into the theft from Williams' jewelry stash, and determining if they are connected to other thefts featuring young women who target rich, flashy and wealthy men found in clubs and hotel bars. According to the New York Post, two women stole a $590,000 Swiss timepiece from a man that they'd met at a strip club.

Williams was initially nabbed by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2011 NBA draft as their second overall pick, and with Derrick having signed an $8.8 million contracts with the Knicks for two years this season, Williams likely has enough funds to replace his missing $750,000 booty. This time, Derrick will likely be more cautious about locking up his jewelry -- and with the folks that Williams trusts to bring home to his apartment.

[Photo by AP Photo/Matt Slocum]