Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence Wearing Same Dior Outfit To Golden Globes: ‘The Friendship Is Completely Over’

Amy Schumer has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in the movie Trainwreck, but she has some stiff competition, including from her BFF, Jennifer Lawrence.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Schumer had few, yet powerful words for Lawrence after finding out they have been nominated in the same category.

“The friendship is completely over. I just blocked her number. It’s over.”

Of course, Amy Schumer was joking. She admitted she was “thrilled” for her good friend and she and JLaw are as solid as ever. So much so that E! Online reports that the two ladies are planning on wearing the same thing to the awards show. Lawrence said she and Amy Schumer are trying to figure out what to wear.

“We’re going to try to figure out to wear the exact same thing. That’s my mission. I really want us to wear the same thing.”

But Lawrence was even more specific, stating that Amy Schumer was going to have to wear Dior.

“She’s going to have to wear Dior. I’m just going to have to have Dior make two of whatever they’re making for me.”

Watch out Amy Schumer. Jokes about her friend aside, Schumer is thrilled about her Golden Globe nomination. The Los Angeles Times interviewed Schumer over the phone after the nominations were announced. Schumer said she found out the news when she woke up at 8:30 a.m. and watched Dennis Quaid read off her name for the Best Actress nomination. She teared up and the first congratulatory text she received was from Chris Rock.

“Golden Globes, mother…!”

She also joked once again about her friendship with JLaw being on the rocks.

“What is this gonna to do our friendship? Our friendship will be on the rocks!”

She is truly thrilled to receive the nomination. That was obvious when asked if it was special.

“Oh, totally. This is like, oh my God, you guys. So crazy nice. I’m so proud. I’m freaking out. I might not even take my Lexapro today. Maybe I can have a… orgasm.”

But Schumer has other sides to her, besides the witty comedian that has taken the world by storm in the past few years. People reports that just last Sunday, Schumer performed a comedy show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and then was seen after the show taking a turn at the drums. Apparently, she rocked it. Then she went to the Mod Wine Lounge, where a customer at the lounge revealed that Schumer wanted to relax with friends after her show.

“All she wanted to do was have a glass of wine with her entourage.”

But once people began to realize who she was, which was helped along by her rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 hit “White Rabbit,” Amy Schumer decided it was time to leave. After all, she’s pretty popular these days. The source told People that Schumer had fun while she was there.

But Amy Schumer also has her serious side. Rolling Stone reports that she teamed up with other celebrities, President Obama, and everyday people to speak out against gun violence. The video is very simple, but powerful.

It certainly has been quite a year for Amy Schumer, with her Emmy win and her Golden Globe nod, she is flying high right now. She might even go for that Dior gown Jennifer Lawrence will want her to wear. Regardless, Schumer is one comedian that is on a mission and whose star will rise high in Hollywood.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]