‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Tells Jason She Still Loves Him, How Will He Respond?

The Jason Morgan reveal has had the expected love triangle between him, Sam, and Elizabeth at the forefront on General Hospital. Ever since the truth came out, so have the claws. The two women in Jason’s life have been duking it out and has left the poor guy as confused as ever.

The ABC spoilers that have emerged for the week of Christmas reveal that Sam will end up telling her husband that she is still in love with him. Jason caught up with Sam at the Nutcracker Holiday Gala and the two have a moment between them.


Jason is seen in the General Hospital sneak peek apologizing to Sam for calling her a liar when she told him that Elizabeth knew who he was for months. They talk about her standing by him when he doesn’t remember having a wife and son. He then notices that she is not wearing her engagement ring. Sam tells Jason they broke it off. When he asked why, she had this to say.

“Because I loved him, but not the way I love you.”

This has been quite obvious since she found out that Jason was still alive. Even though he doesn’t remember their life together, he is still the man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. However, Jason really isn’t the same man that he was before he got shot. He fell in love with Elizabeth and even though he cares deeply for Sam, he doesn’t seem to love her like he did before.


How will Jason Morgan respond to Sam’s declaration of love for him? It is doubtful that he will go running into her arms right there at the Christmas Gala. However, more General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason ends up having another memory of his past with Sam this week. Maybe this time will be more vivid and with more detail than before.

Of course, there is still Elizabeth who seems to still have Jason’s heart. They were engaged after all, until he found out that she had been lying to him for months. Many rumors swirling around recently have said that Jason forgives her and may even give her a second chance. In fact, the recent cover of ABC Soaps In Depth has a photo of Jason and Elizabeth together with the caption of “A Second Chance!”

General Hospital rumors also say that eventually Jason will be getting back with his wife. Maybe his memories will keep happening and he will remember his life with Sam once again. Who knows at this point who he will end up with. Both of the women seem to have his heart in one way or another and they both have sons with him.

Speaking of sons, the cover of ABC Soaps In Depth also mentions that Sam’s life may be in danger. Who from? Well, it seems that it could be Elizabeth and Jason’s son, Jake.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry had previously suggested that Jake will go after Sam because she caused his parents to break up. He sees her as trouble and he may do something to put her in harm’s way. If this is true, then either Helena really messed this boy up or he isn’t who everyone thinks he is.

Viewers will just have to wait and see what happens between Jason, Sam, and Elizabeth. It is anyone’s guess as to which one he will eventually choose. You can bet that devoted General Hospital fans will weigh in on which woman they want Jason with. They can be quite fierce when it comes to their favorite.

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How do you think Jason will respond when Sam reveals her feelings? What do you think about little Jake trying to hurt Sam? Would General Hospital be going too far with that story line?

Sound off your comments on this upcoming week of General Hospital.

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