Police Pull Over Chewbacca? Jawa Steals Police Cruiser [Video]

ABC 13 reported a few days ago that in Fulshear, Texas, police pulled over — Chewbacca? In a seemingly routine traffic stop caught on the police cruiser’s dashcam, an officer pulled over a Hummer and walked up to the vehicle and asked for the driver’s license. The driver made some moaning sounds and the perplexed officer asked if the driver had been drinking. The driver moaned again and the officer told the driver to step out of the vehicle, and out stepped Chewbacca!

The moaning was actually Wookie language of course. The officer asked where they were headed and then “Han Solo” exited the passenger side to assist the officer since the officer “can’t speak Wookie.” “Han” told the police officer that they were special guests at the premiere of Star Wars where they were headed. The officer asked them to join him behind the car. Then Darth Maul, Darth Vader and a Shadow Guard stepped out of the car and joined them. Han told Vader it was about time he joined them at which Vader said, “The Force is strong with this one.”

Han agreed with Vader and asked the police officer if he was part of the “Force.” The officer responded “Man, I AM part of the Force!” At this point the officer seemed to get excited and asked if he can go with them. Han asked his companions what they thought and they all agree he could. The officer asked if he could get in the back and they opened the back gate and the officer climbed in, and they drove off, leaving his police cruiser behind. As the Hummer drove off, a robed Jawa appeared on camera and got into the police car and drove off.

This story might sound too far-fetched to be true and that would be because it was fake. The staged traffic stop was actually a clever way to promote the Star Wars premiere. After the Jawa drives off, credits start crawling, Star Wars-style and the Fulshear police departments gave thanks to the characters in the film — the police officer was Wes Hall, Chewbacca was James McPherson, Darth Maul and Darth Vader were played by Michael and Jerry Ripkowski, Han Solo was played by Terry Horton, and the Shadow Guard was played by Shawn Horton. The Jawa was played by Tara Horton.

The video was posted on Twitter and people were loving it, here are some tweets about the hilarious video.


The department even posted on their FaceBook page that they “lost a police car.”

This has to be one of the best “police stories” of all time. This video just goes to show that police officers are people too, they have a sense of humor and that even police officers love Star Wars. With all the controversial stories about “bad” police officers that are all over the internet, this was one traffic stop that was a breath of fresh air.

Props (pun intended) to the Fulshear Police Department for doing this. Fulshear is near Houston, Texas, and Captain Mike McCoy of the Fulshear Police Department told the Houston Chronicle that the Chewbacca and Star Wars crew video was filmed with off-duty officers last Sunday night and that a local film fan helped them with it. Costumes for Chewbacca and his crew were from a resident who was known to throw May the Fourth parties every year, said McCoy.

“No one was on-duty and did it on their own time,” McCoy says. “I just think it’s a great way to promote the department.”

[Image Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.]