Joey Feek Cancer Update: Nashville Songwriter Tyler Hayes Pens ‘Joey’s Song’ For Country Singer

Joey Feek has touched the lives of millions, and continues to do so each day. One Nashville songwriter was so touched by Joey’s story, and her battle with cancer, he decided to pen a song just for her, titling it none other than “Joey’s Song.”

Tyler Hayes revealed the song on YouTube last month, but it has just started getting noticed over the past week or so. As of Sunday, December 20, “Joey’s Song” had been viewed on YouTube over 125,000 times, with the numbers continuing to grow.

“No words could ever appropriately describe what Joey Feek and her family are currently going through. I know if I was standing in front of her right now I would be at a loss for words,” Hayes wrote on Facebook when he first revealed the song. “I wrote this song in order to be a reminder that no matter what happens to Joey in the upcoming weeks, she will NEVER leave her family and those who care about her most. Even though her physical body may be gone, her presence will never leave. I hope this song has a chance to bring comfort and peace to her and her family. Thank you Rich Prather, Crystal Burks-Baker, and Christopher Floyd for all of your help. Without yall, this song would have never been possible. God bless Joey and her family as they go through this time.”