Oscar Pistorius Had Online Affair With Austrian Blond While Awaiting Trial

A beautiful blond Austrian woman has told the German tabloid newspaper Bild that she and Oscar Pistorius had an online flirtation while the former Paralympian awaited trial for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. However, she does say she didn’t know who he was at the time.

The Pistorius family are up in arms after the rumor appeared in the media that Oscar had been flirting with a beautiful 30-year-old Austrian woman and had declared his “undying love” for her, all the while awaiting trial for killing Steenkamp.

According to the German language article in Bild, a woman, identified as Nina F., told reporters she fell in love with Oscar Pistorius online and even claimed the former Paralympian wanted to marry her.

She told them they exchanged dozens of photos and chatted for hours each day using Instagram and WhatsApp, but she said he told her his name was Liam and she had no idea of his true identity.

Nina F. said she eventually fell in love with the man she thought of as Liam and as their relationship blossomed online, she suggested that she should fly out to South Africa to meet him in person. However, every time she mentioned traveling to meet him he rather conveniently changed the subject.

Nina F. didn’t suspect a thing, despite the fact that during the whole online romance, Pistorius allegedly used prepaid cell phone cards and changed his cell phone number on several occasions.

According to the Mail Online, it was only on October 14 of last year that Nina F found out who he was. This was 10 days before Pistorius was found guilty of killing his girlfriend, Reeve Steenkamp, in his Pretoria house on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

In the report in the Bild, the tabloid printed an alleged excerpt of a conversation between Oscar Pistorius and Nina F, where he reportedly asked her: “You don’t know who I am?”

Pistorius allegedly went on to say if he told her who he really was, she would never talk to him again, to which Nina F. said, “I want to know it. NOW.”

When he told her he was Oscar Pistorius, she reportedly wrote back, “Yes, cleeeeeear. And now f*** you.”

According to Nina F., Pistorius continued to send her photos during the following weeks and contacted her on the phone twice daily. This apparently caused her feelings for the Paralympian to come back.

In the interview with Bild, she continued by saying he phoned her on October 21, shortly after receiving a five year prison sentence and he was reportedly crying on the other end of the line. Pistorius allegedly said Nina F. should wait for him before saying he had to hang up.

According to the Mail Online report, Nina actually flew out to South Africa to meet him while he was under house arrest at his uncle’s home in Pretoria, but was apparently denied access to him.

On hearing of the media reports, a spokeswoman for the Pistorius family slammed the rumors. Anneliese Burgess said the whole thing is “devoid of all truth.”

“We don’t know who this individual is. I must add that this is not the first time that we have had to deal with this kind of tabloid fabrication, and I cannot counter stories that are not based in reality. We reserve our legal rights in this regard.”

There are many rumors and stories of the romantic trysts Oscar Pistorius has enjoyed with beautiful women in the past, and reportedly they are all blond, blue-eyed, and beautiful. His celebrity status and fame as a Paralympian apparently made him attractive.

Oscar Pistorius [Image Reeva Steenkamp by Duif du Toit/Gallo Images/Getty Images]Besides his relationship with Reeva Steenkamp, Pistorius has been linked to a Russian supermodel, Anastassian Khozissova, a Cape Town chef named Chanelle du Plessis, and a cheerleader, Melissa Rom.

Meanwhile, as reported by the Inquisitr, in an appeal by the prosecution, Oscar Pistorius has now been found guilty of murder and is “terrified” of returning to prison.

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