BJ Novak to Work Part Time on The Office

It’s no surprise that with The Office’s Mindy Kaling focusing solely on her new Fox show The Mindy Project, that BJ Novak would also take a step back from the show. Sources say that even though Novak no longer has a full-time contract with Universal TV, he won’t be unwelcome on The Office.

In fact, it’s said that BJ Novak, who has worked alongside on again off again girlfriend Kaling as writer and actor, can still make appearances and even write for The Office if he has time. It is known that Novak in the past has directed episodes for the show and might have plans to return in that capacity as well.

As far as future collaborations with Mindy Kaling, it looks like BJ isn’t opposed. He served as executive producer on her new Fox show’s pilot, but sources say that his credit was only for pilot purposes.

BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling aren’t the only people on The Office to jump ship. Former star Steve Carell left two seasons ago to focus on his burgeoning movie career. Now it’s said that film stars Ed Helms and everyone’s favorite Office sweetheart John Krasinski will also be downsizing their roles, and won’t often appear in every episode in order to balance their other projects.

Also departing is James Spader after only one season, and Paul Lieberstein, who plays HR rep Toby, and acts as the showrunner of The Office. This enormous shift in the show means that executive producer Greg Daniels will be running the show this season, while Lieberstein focuses on The Office spin-off that is centered around the character of Dwight (Rainn Wilson).

There’s no word on whether or not this is the last season of The Office. In the past it’s been alluded that The Office could take another shift in direction and focus on a side character to carry on into the seasons.