Umpire Blows Disputed Catch Call, Signaling An Out After Fan Catches Ball [VIDEO]

As if we need another reason to complicate the replay process in Major League Baseball, Umpire Mike DiMuro has given critics even more ammunition after he blew a call thinking that outfielder Dewayne Wise came up with a catch after diving into the stands instead of realizing that the fan standing next to him was actually holding the ball.

According to Yahoo, it happened during the seventh inning of the New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians game when Indian Jack Hannahan hit a foul ball heading towards the left field seats. As outfielder Dewayne Wise came bolting over, he made an impressive attempt at catching the ball as he dove into the stands and disappeared behind the wall.

Appearing to catch the ball, umpire Mike DiMuro looked at Wise hopping out of the stands and signaled an out without asking to see the ball. What Dimuro didn’t recognize was the fact that the fan standing next to Wise was holding a baseball in his outstretched arm, clearly indicating that he had caught the ball.

After the inning ending play, a clearly upset Hannahan continued to argue the play as he made his way onto the field. After umpires felt that they had heard too much they then ejected Hannahan for his complaints that the ball wasn’t caught by the Yankees outfielder.

“For (DiMuro) not to just ask (Wise) to see the ball, that’s absolutely inexcusable and it’s frustrating,” said Hannahan.

According to WFAN reporter Sweeny Murti however, Dimuro later admitted that he made a mistake and should’ve asked for the ball. Murti tweets:

“Mike DiMuro: “Now that I see the tape it’s obvious that the ball fell out…In hindsight I should have asked him to show me the ball…”

Did it look like the Yankee’s outfielder caught the ball to you? Or is the umpires gaffe inexcusable?

Here’s the video of the call: