‘Scream Queens’ Emma Roberts To Quit Acting? She Thinks So

Scream Queens star Emma Roberts may excel in her roles, but that doesn’t mean she always wants to play those colorful bad girls. In fact, Emma hopes to one day shed acting once and for all, as she leans more and more towards a life behind the cameras. Roberts recently opened up about her hopes to realize new dreams, and about accepting her own limitations.

Scream Queens Actress Emma Roberts On Her Dreams And Limitations

Emma Roberts, Donate-A-Photo
Emma Roberts submitted an unretouched image to the Donate-A-Photo campaign. Image via Michael Loccisano / Getty Images.

Emma revealed that it’s not just her own creativity that motivates her to want a career directing, or possibly writing. The actress shared that she would also like a job that would allow her to come to work without giving much thought to her appearance.

“I think as I get older, there might come a time when I don’t want to be in front of the camera anymore and want to be more behind the scenes: I would love to produce and maybe write.”

Roberts said that starring as Chanel Oberlin on Scream Queens really gave her a taste of life as someone overly concerned with her appearance. She says it was just too much and it made her feel like she wanted to just slip away at times.

Unlike many actresses her age, Emma isn’t afraid to show off the real woman beneath the make-up and photoshopping, and she credits her recent experiences with unretouched modeling for her new-found bravery. Roberts says she did the unretouched campaign to show women that it’s okay to not wear make-up or to go out without obsessing over appearances.

She added that she also wanted people to see that she’s not always red carpet-ready and even that she’s not as put together as the cameras might make it seem.

“I’m a small-B boob. I can’t even fit into Victoria’s Secret bras, they’re all too big! So I’m standing up for the small-busted girls.”

Emma Is Grilled On The Latest Word On Evan Peters

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters
Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. Image via Andrew Goodman/Getty Images

Fans have kept a close eye on how Emma reacts to Evan Peters, ever since they announced their break-up several months ago. When the two were caught holding hands and enjoying what appeared to have been a romantic dinner, it was assumed that their love affair was back on. Yet, neither Peters nor Roberts will either confirm or deny the rumors.

When asked once again about those rumors, the Scream Queens actress simply said that she wouldn’t talk about that. Instead, she revealed that the split from Peters sent her out to do some retail therapy — at the jewelers. Emma said that she bought three gold rings for herself.

The significance of those rings, Roberts revealed, was to remind her to “always love yourself and always know what you’re worth.”

Emma and Evan have had a rocky relationship ever since they began dating on the set of Adult World in 2012. The couple were engaged over a Christmas holiday in 2013, later starring together in several seasons of American Horror Story.

This past spring, Peters and Roberts called off their engagement and their relationship, but were said to have remained good friends. While neither half of the couple will comment on the current status of their relationship, sources close to Roberts and Peters claim that they are involved and that things are going well.

Emma Roberts seems to be doing well for herself, whatever the situation with Mr. Peters may be. She seems to have gained a healthy perspective on her own physical beauty, as well as on what she wants out of life. With such a positive and healthy attitude, Ms. Roberts can’t go wrong.

[Featured image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]