Lindsay Lohan Causes Scandal With Suicide Photos

As if Lindsay Lohan isn’t getting enough press as it is, the actress decided to get snapped by sexualized photographer and frequent collaborator Terry Richardson. In the photos that debuted on Richardson’s site yesterday, Lindsay Lohan holds a gun to her temple with a dazed expression on her face, not unlike the one she wears in her mug shots.

The second picture reveals Lohan to be pointing the gun in her mouth, which is another act of suicide. The location of the shoot is said to be the Chateau Marmont and not Terry’s New York studio. The pictures caused such a hysteria that Richardson decided to take them off his site, which isn’t something the controversial photographer is known to do.

Terry Richardson is known for his outlandish photos that often expose the gritty sexual nature of the Hollywood spectrum. In the past he’s featured Lohan in various stages of undress in small hotel rooms. This isn’t the first time Terry’s photos have landed in hot water. In the 2010 issue of GQ the photographer snapped the Glee girls in sexually suggestive poses with scantily clad outfits on, which cased a ruckus since it was a far cry from the squeaky clean image the actresses geared at children.

Even though Lohan’s gun photos were removed from Richardson’s site there still remains photos from the shoot, which features a drowsy, barely clothed Lohan in yet another hotel room. Of course there’s no word on whether or not this look was intentional for the shoot, or if Lindsay was really in that state.

It should also be said that in the past Terry Richardson has denied sexual abuse charges from young models. Over the years, he’s gained clients the more he’s pushed the envelope. Currently he has campaigns with Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair.