WWE News: John Cena Allegedly Attempted To Get Alex Riley Fired

There's a lot of fans in this world that absolutely hate John Cena and everything that he stands for. Those fans now have even more fuel for their collective fire.

Tyler Reks is a former WWE star. He worked for the promotion from 2007 until 2012, when he decided that he wanted to be closer to his family. Since he was around the performers backstage, Reks was privy to some insider information. Tyler now owns a marketing company. To promote his business, he decided to do a question and answers session with his followers on Reddit.

Though he provided some interesting fodder, Tyler Reks caught everyone's attention when the topic turned to John Cena and his relationship with Alex Riley. There have long been rumors that Riley did something to offend Cena, and that caused their relationship to deteriorate. Cena allegedly tried to get Riley fired afterwards.

When asked about those rumors, Tyler Reks said that there is some truth to what is being said about John Cena. The 37-year-old stated that he was not sure where the backstage heat came from, but he did feel that it was unreasonable at times. Reks understands that bickering and politics are a part of the business, but he felt Cena was going over the line.

Tyler Reks
Tyler Reks [Photo by WWE]John Cena is generally well liked backstage. According to Tyler Reks, however, their fellow performers turned on Cena a little because they felt that his treatment of Alex Riley was totally uncalled for. It seems unlikely that anyone would have spoken up and talked to management about it, though, as it is not a good idea to snitch on the top stars in WWE.

Whatever angered John Cena had to be tremendous, as the former WWE Heavyweight Champion was said to have gone after Alex Riley on a daily basis. That has to be extremely unbearable as the performers are usually on the road four to five straight days a week. Riley took a lot of verbal punishment during that stretch of time.

According to Tyler Reks, John Cena violated the wrestler code in an attempt to get Alex Riley fired. He would routinely go through his bags and check out the supplements. Wrestlers are supposed to respect the privacy of their coworkers backstage.

Alex Riley
Alex Riley [Photo by WWE]Alex Riley has dreamed of being a professional wrestler for the longest time. It was his passion in his life. The reason why he put up with John Cena was because he simply did not want to lose his spot in WWE. The biggest promotion in the world is the dream job for anyone that becomes a wrestler.

To his credit, Alex Riley has survived the storm. He never asked for his release from WWE, and the company still employs him to this day. He's no longer on the main roster, however. Nowadays, Riley spends his time in the developmental brand, NXT, down in Florida.

When Alex Riley got into the business, he wanted to be a wrestler. Since he was on the bad side of John Cena, management decided to punish him a little. His push was taken away from him. Then, he was sent down to NXT to become an announcer. While he is great as a talker, Riley yearned to wrestle. Alex has finally convinced management to let him do that again.

Since fans are so emotional when it comes to John Cena, the reaction to this story will be quite interesting to observe. Some will immediately believe it because they want it to be true. Others will defend Cena by pointing out all of the good things that he has done for charity.

[Featured Photo by WWE]