McDonald's Nativity Scene 'His Name Is Jesus' Gets 107,000 Facebook Likes [Photo]

In the day and age of controversy over Starbucks red holiday cups not appearing as "Christmas-y" comes a photo snapped by Amy Basel that has gone viral. The photo of the Tennessee McDonald's nativity scene made Amy do a double-take. Basel wrote on Facebook, after she spotted the words "His name is Jesus" painted on the McDonald's window. The McDonald's nativity also has the word "rejoice" painted on the other side of the now-famous painting.

Amy noted that the McDonald's nativity scene is one that she wouldn't have normally seen in her native Michigan. The standard nativity scene with a Christian cross, Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus amid animals in a scene depicted straight from the Bible is something that usually doesn't decorate the windows of an establishment like McDonald's.
"Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald' made my day. "His name is Jesus". — in Spring Hill, Tennessee."
Basel has received more than 107,000 likes since the Facebook photo of the McDonald's nativity was uploaded on December 14.
Amy also noted on Facebook on Friday, December 18, that she wrote a new blog post titled "His Name is Jesus" after her McDonald's nativity scene photo went viral unexpectedly.
"So I decided to do a follow up blog post in regards to the picture I posted that ended up going viral these past few days! It doesn't matter the amount of "likes" received, "shares" accumulated, comments collected or even whose version you read... there is only ONE who deserves the story and the glory; His name is JESUS!"
Perhaps the viral nature of the Tennessee McDonald's nativity scene and "His name is Jesus" wording comes as a backlash against the way some companies have swung all the way into the land of fearful conservatism. Whereas years ago it wasn't abnormal to see "Merry Christmas" splayed across plenty of retail locations, in 2015, the words "Happy Holidays" replace quite a bit of those Christmas wishes.

With Christmas Day exactly one week away, as of this writing, it's like the popularity of the nativity scene painted on the McDonald's window in Spring Hill has quenched the thirst of the politically correct holiday crowd.

As reported by ABC News, the nativity-painted McDonald's fast food restaurant is owned by Tony and Gina Wolfe. The duo not only own the now-famous nativity-adorned McDonald's, but other eateries in Columbia and Mt. Pleasant. It's a tradition of window-painting with messages of faith that has gone on for 40 years.

Unlike the Starbucks red holiday cup controversy that found certain folks walking into Starbucks and telling the baristas that their names were "Merry Christmas" in order to get "Merry Christmas" written on the cup -- this viral Facebook photo wasn't the result of a pastor's video urging.

Instead, Basel's photo went viral naturally -- or, some would say, supernaturally. Yet the McDonald's owners explained that they respect all faiths.

"Although we respect all values and beliefs, our window displays during the Christmas Season have become something of a local tradition. We are surprised and happy that our windows have garnered attention across the country and are proud to be a part of this community."
Meanwhile, Amy explained why the nativity scene painted on the window of a McDonald's caught her eye to the point where Basel decided to share it on Facebook.
"A nativity scene painted upon a very well-known fast food chain caught my attention. Not just because it's Christmas, but because of the era we are currently living in. It's about being bold, in love, for what you believe in, despite what others may say. That's what I stand for and that is why I shared the picture."
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