Sources Say Rumer Willis Being Considered As Next 'Bachelorette'

It won't be long before ABC will choose a new girl as The Bachelorette, and there is already talk about who it could be. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Rumer Willis is in the running for the job and really does want to be the girl chosen. Rumer recently did a great job on Dancing with the Stars, which helped her relationship with ABC and also got Willis a lot of new fans. If they were going to cast someone that hasn't been on the show before, Rumer Willis could be a great choice.

Insiders are saying that Rumer Willis wants the job and is also in the top choices of who they might pick for the next season. Ben Higgins has already recorded his season of the show, so now it is time for a female lead to be picked. Rumer Willis is not on Ben's season of the show, and normally they pick someone that was on a past season.

However, Rumer Willis' team wants total control over the men picked for the show. They do not want Rumer to feel embarrassed when the show is over. This might be hard for ABC to give up. Rumer Willis has admitted to dating the wrong guys, so it could be great for Rumer to have a bit of help in it.

Rumer has been single over a year now. Willis had a short-lived romance with Mistresses star Ricky Whittle. The couple called it quits in October 2014, and since then, she hasn't shared that she was dating anyone. Rumors did fly that she had a thing with Chris Soules, but that was never confirmed. Chris could obviously give Rumer some tips on doing the show, though.
Fans can't help but wonder if Rumer Willis is really looking for love or if she wants to keep her name in the headlines. It would be a great way to keep Rumer's name in the press and could help out her career, and maybe she would find the right person in the process.

Rumer Willis has been really busy lately with performing on and winning Dancing with the Stars, and then she went on to star in Chicago on Broadway. Rumer did a great job with both of them, and now it is time to find something else to do. The Bachelor could just be her next step.

Reality Steve went to his blog today to talk about the idea of Rumer Willis being cast. He just doesn't see it happening but doesn't have any kind of confirmation yet of who will be doing the show.

Here is what Steve had to say about the possibility that Rumer would get the job.

"I can't tell you how many times Hollywood Life has reported false info about this franchise in the past, so again, nothing to see here. In 11 previous 'Bachelorette' seasons, they've never cast someone who wasn't from the franchise, they've only cast the final 2 girl once (Trista, years ago, different shooting schedule), and they've never cast anyone who didn't finish top 4 of their 'Bachelor' season. But now Rumer Willis is gonna get the gig. Ok. Whatever you say."

Do you think that Rumer Willis would be perfect to be cast as The Bachelorette? Do you think it is time for ABC to stop using people who were already on the show? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss Ben Higgins as The Bachelor when the season starts on January 4.

[Photo by Sergi Alexander/Getty Images]