Scared Father Rides Roller-Coaster With Daughter, ‘Never Again Grace Elizabeth!’ [VIDEO]

The next video going viral is claiming a victim that will never forget his encounter with a theme park ride that he had to painfully endure not once, but twice while his daughter’s joyful laughter broke through his screams of regret.

Steve Fuehne was simply being a good dad to his daughter Grace when she wanted to ride the “Screaming Swing” at their recent amusement park visit. However, for a father that admits his “biggest fear is heights,” one can’t help but wonder how he got himself into the situation.

“Well there’s actually four people on the ride,” Fuehne told the TODAY show.

“The other couple we were with, the father went with his daughter,and she wanted to ride on it. My wife was not there with us to go and they wouldn’t let her ride unless I went along,” he continued.

“So I thought “How bad can it be?””

As the ride starts, the frightened dad appears to immediately regret his decision as the look on his face is nothing but priceless. With the ride switching into full gear, Fuehne screams out to his daughter, vowing to never ride the roller-coaster again.


“They stopped it to let me off because I was yelling” he said, but as soon as the ride slowed, Grace wanted another turn.

So just like any good dad would do, Steve endured another frightening experience on the “Screaming Swing” and luckily lived to tell about it.

When asked how long it took for his stomach to settle, Steve admits that it took a couple of hours, but by the evening he was fine.

Check out Steve and his famous “Never Again Grace Elizabeth!” line in the video below: